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I also experienced the same bug. after experimenting a while i came to a solution.

appearently there are 7 subsections in the course, and you must complete all of them for the pages.
HOWEVER, if you miss one obstacle, you completely glitch yourself - you can do several laps and they won't count.

THE SOLUTION: rather than doing the opposite course when finishing the lap, KEEP GOING IN THE SAME DIRECTION (either clockwise or counterclockwise) by running over to the same start when you arrive, rather than turning back and restarting. you will receive the pages somewhere in the middle of the course, and that point will be your new "course end" (you can turn back and do the whole thing backward and it will finish in the same position).

To fix the course to the correct endings, i did the following:
- complete the first "section": i started north, the first section (i guess) ends before doing the long run to the dinosaur bones bridge.
- before doing the bone bridge, teleport back, start the course from the southern part, and do the first full section. I arrived to the point where you have to jump down to the SCIMITOPS hunter area.
- now you can start doing the course from the north, after doing a full lap you should get the pages as normal (the lap should be resetted)

13-Jul-2019 20:08:41

Shi No Neko
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Shi No Neko

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I will need to check out that Reddit map if I can find it. The area is just way to big and there is no clear path to get anywhere. Also, there are so many problems with the click boxes being to small for certain things and having a dinosaur I am not interacting with freeze me every time I go by gets annoying.

14-Jul-2019 23:12:23

looney mommy
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looney mommy

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glad to see I'm not the only one.. I ran the full agility course on 2 different days with clan members at the same time.. they got the bonus and I still was not receiving it.. I seem to randomly gain a "lap". this is frustrating because only now marked 6 laps but I have done over 20 laps . I'm going to try this telly to the loadstone tip and see if that works. I have sent bug report twice and heard nothing back yet.

15-Jul-2019 03:11:49

Sea Sah
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Sea Sah

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wonder if there is a way to see/prove if anyone has done a lap in under 7 min

btw I figured out course by going to high population worlds and following others

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This really isn't a recent update any more. I thought about moving it but ended up locking it as nothing was posted since July.

If anyone wants to carry on discussing this then feel free to make a new thread (depending on content) in RuneScape Guides and Help if you seek help or General chat if you just seek to discuss it further.
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