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17-Oct-2019 22:03:42

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CaptRainbow said:
This was when RS was at its prime and osrs is dead, rs3 is dead, BRING BACK RS2.

As someone who's been playing this since the very beginning (RSC), RS3 is RS2. Why do you think you still have access to your original account you created for what you likely consider RS2?

When Jagex moved from RSC to RS2 we were force to create new accounts from scratch because RS2 was a separate entity from RSC. If RS3 wasn't RS2 we wouldn't be able to still use our RS2 accounts.

I know what you're saying but people need to realise that RS3 is RS2.

18-Oct-2019 12:39:22

Roddy Piper
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Roddy Piper

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I think eventually the games will merge. EOC is clearly not a workable system. It needs to be totally remade. It has always been a temporary game, whether anyone will admit that or not. The osrs engine is primitive and just bad. I see many complaints by osrs players of issues that have been fixed in RS3.

So for this game to have any real future they will need to address all these issues with an ultimate version of runescape on the nxt client. And yes, they can find a way to transfer the osrs player achievements onto the new engine.

Don't cry at me though. This would take at least 5 years from now to get done.

18-Oct-2019 12:52:47

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