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RS2 ran from March 2004 until the release of RS3 in July 2013. Therefore OSRS, which is based on an Aug 2007 backup of the game, is RS2 at heart.

Jagex has said that that Aug 2007 was the last full viable backup of the game available, as they have changed the way they did backups after that. They have also stated that they have no intentions of offering additional versions of the game, as that will divide the community even further.

This forum is for feedback and discussion on update already in the development process, rather than for suggestions. However, as Jagex has already said "No" to this suggestion, on many occasions, this thread is locked rather than being moved to the Game Content Suggestions Forum.


Daibhi said:
When Jagex moved from RSC to RS2 we were force to create new accounts from scratch because RS2 was a separate entity from RSC.

This is not correct. When RS2 was released, all stats, items, and quest progress were transferred to RS2. (See RS2 Launched!) However, enough people complained that they didn't want to play RS2, that Jagex allowed players to move their items and gp back to RSC for a short time.(See RS-Classic Items Returned) Then many of those players changed their minds and wanted everything back in RS2, so for a limited time items were allowed to be moved back to RS2. (See Last chance to move items)

No one was forced to start from scratch or make a new account with the release of RS2.

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