Why more achievements?

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Agreed in the sense that achievements for achievements sake is pretty dull, but if implemented like achievement diaries, that could be more interesting.
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06-Oct-2018 20:02:06

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Miu said:
I'm fine with achievements as long as they aren't stupid "complete 200 city quests" garbage.

What about having to wear full dragonstone armour? lmao. cos' thats one of them. Don't expect to complete that one anytime soon, im sure merchants are already stock piling the already rare dragonstone armour.
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06-Oct-2018 20:20:28

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Replace the term "achievement" with "some silly action you can do when incredibly bored" and it's all good. What Jagex mods are coming up with looks like the result of ideas that came up at the end of a night together at the pub.

06-Oct-2018 20:38:44



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In theory, they encourage you to "play the game" b going out and doing stuff.
And from a dev standpoint, they are probably kinda easy to add and kinda quick to do.

But I do agree ... a big yawn

06-Oct-2018 22:37:33

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