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Mac Nasty

Mac Nasty

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I think it would be absolutely epic if they introduced a pet from looting the barrows brother's chest. I mean it should be super rare like all the rest.

I know what your thinking, nobody wants a midget karil following them around. See i was thinking more along the lines of a miniature crazy guy raking the grounds above the barrows. That way they dont have to implement 6 new pets, just one mentally insane one.

How great would that be to have him following you around, raking behind you and shouting incoherent babble randomly while you are skilling or standing in a bank.

Get on that, Jagex

26-Feb-2019 05:41:51

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The guy above ground doesn't exist in pet form, the six original barrows brothers do though.

They work differently than most boss pets since you need a cubed set of the respective brother, which needs to be combined with 250 malevolent energy from rise of the six.
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26-Feb-2019 06:30:08

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26-Feb-2019 23:50:00

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