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Don't touch my java client or I will manly cry. I hate NXT. My autism prevents me from liking NXT. I don't want to buy a new laptop or new chippies just to play a game. NXT is exactly how it sounds. Pass. NXT is horrible. It take forever to load things. It also has the worst colors and shading ever. It is a crime against my eyes. It makes me want to die. Don't take away all the love. Java is love. I am addicted to love. NXT smells bad so there.

07-Nov-2019 15:08:58

Jaekob Caed
Apr Member 2011

Jaekob Caed

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NXT is superior in literally every way. Faster, more stable, better-looking and a great platform to make this game look incredible in the years to come. Java was holding this game back big time.

Like Mr Cows said, if your PC can't run NXT, then it's time for an upgrade. Jagex has held on to the Java client long enough to give people time to switch over. It's time to stop limiting this game because a very small minority of people don't want to switch.
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07-Nov-2019 20:00:32

Earl Regnak
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Earl Regnak

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Just over 15 years of runescape for me, my laptop, which is not that old, will not play on nxt. My current circumstances mean there is no way I can get a new laptop anytime soon....the big question is ....should I wait and quit in January or should I just give the **** up now

07-Nov-2019 20:38:17

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I cant install NTX on the laptop of my work, the java client let me play it without having administrator rights.
Other than that NTX is fine, but there is no way I can ask to my IT to help me install a game on their laptop.

07-Nov-2019 23:11:59

Oct Member 2019


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I would like to know if those who are having a horrible reaction to the news have tried nxt recently, or if they tried it while it was still in the early days and are basing their distaste off of that?

08-Nov-2019 00:10:50

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Google Says said:
It's likely pretty hard to justify keeping the client around when only 4% of the active users use it and it adds additional workload to the team by having to maintain multiple clients.

Well in that case alone, Jagex needs to keep it, more time to Nerf things is bad for business.

08-Nov-2019 01:38:42

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