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25-Sep-2020 02:30:30

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I'm a bit skeptical of this launch on Steam. All this will do is provide a steady source of advertising Jagex themselves have been really bad at. While it's true we could get a few new players who will stay long-term, I seriously doubt this will result in a substantial increase in the concurrent player population.

Personally, my thumbs are crossed for the full release of RS3 on mobile. That's a change that is guaranteed to increase the concurrent player count substantially. Shame the Covid-19 and this sort of marketing will slow that mobile release. Well, at least Jagex is getting serious about advertising RS more aggressively now. Better late than never.

Concurrent player don't really mean much. The actual player count, especially the actual payer count means the most.

COVID-19 doesn't slow the mobile release, this Steam launch probably pushes it back a couple of months as Mod Warden wrote:

"Our mobile launch is likely our next big step on this journey... While we were on track to deliver this in 2020, this additional work pushes our mobile launch to 2021. We know so many of you are super excited for the full Android and iOS release, and we hope you will understand this additional wait to make sure we kick this off from a much sturdier starting point."

They said it in a couple of livestreasms although they hoped to release Mobile this year it is "more like" next year. Now that we know Steam is the reason why they want to launch Mobile "more like" next year although they can do it this year. Anyway, it shouldn't take long after the Steam launch the full mobile launch is the next big step to have RS3 on a lot of platforms.

25-Sep-2020 04:22:48

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1. This is a future development, not a recent game update.

2. The move to stream has no impact on game content (which is what this forum is for discussing) anyway.
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25-Sep-2020 09:44:05

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While there is a news post on the main page that discusses that Runescape has come to Steam. It's really not a recent update for us nor should we be commenting about what another site has on their discussion boards. If you wish to discuss the negative comments made there. Perhaps you should do so there. Instead of here where odds are they won't see them nor can they participate to offer up their views. ~Tranq~
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