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I personally think that a Quest reward shop should be released. Having to re-complete quests for points would be an awesome feature to the game since you only do the quests once. (excluding sliskes endgame and dimension of disaster.) Having the points scale to the difficulty of the quest (i.e. 100 points from sliskes endgame, 5 from cooks assistant) would be a nice addition to encourage people to go for the harder quests rather than grind easy quests for points.

What are the top things (up to three) that make you want to do a quest?
-Skilling rewards (like urn enhancer from nomads elegy, sliskes endgame reward items)
-unlocking new areas (Prifddinas, darkmeyer)

What are the top things (up to three) that discourage you from completing a quest?
-When starting up a new account the skill level requirements on some quests are high compared to their easyness of the quest itself

What sort of rewards would you like from the Quest Point Shop?
-Tears of guthix booster (x amount of points consumed to be x more seconds in the ToG D&D)
-Replayability of quests

What type of player are you? (PvM, PvP, Quester, Skiller, Completionist, Social) (You can choose more than one)
-All but PvP

What is your current number of quest points?
-399 on both of my accounts

How long have you been playing RuneScape?
-5 ish years actively

What are your combat level and skill total?
- 138 and 2736
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