120 combat next big update?

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Deltaslug said:
I'm not sure they'd do ALL combat to 120.

Remember, just because they raise the levels, which means more DPS (Accuracy, dmg, etc). We're still on T92 gear (T99 in dungeoneering).

They might just raise combat to 105 (that way it's not quite the jump as we've suffered with other 99 to 120s). They might just go ahead and do Constitution to 120 before the others.

Weird how long it's been since this post, now we have melee and magic T95 weapons. Ranged probably isn't too far away.

I still don't think they are going to do a huge jump (Depends on how you count 105 or 110).
That said, I probably won't care too much longer. My main is up to 119 range and looking to close it out or at least get close enough that a week or 2 of f2p dailies can cap it off. That's the last of all the combat skills on it to get to 120.

18-Oct-2021 04:28:14

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aqarwaen said:
in april 18 jagex added 120 slayer update.
let face it guys most of us have already 100+ or 120 combat skill achieved,so it wont hurt add 120 combat.
this would add also add more balance to combat and weapon system + we could get more end game content.

We haven't even completed t95 weapons and you're asking for t120 combat. Get outta here!

18-Oct-2021 04:36:15

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