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Welcome to the 2nd edition of a thread dedicated to the discussion of the unreleased quest Rite of Passage (ROP) and anything surrounding it and the Aviansie.

Rite of Passage's pitch is to take us to the Aviansie homeworld of Abbinah, where we end up helping a young Aviansie perform their rite of passage, something which eventually spirals into far darker things. We'll get to learn about the elder artefact that gave Armadyl godhood, and so much more. As you can tell we don't have too much to go on, Mod Raven has been good at keeping the central plot points hidden from us :)

This quest is a passion project of Mod Raven, first thought up and presented in 2013, but which has since then been shelved and revised over the years. The quest is on Jagex' list of quests they'd like to do, and has a chances as a candidate for upcoming quest slots. In 2020 Jagex are planning to increase quest development with a dedicated team, which can help it see the light of day, in theory.

Rite of Passage is not known to have any major relations to the current ongoing Dragonkin storyline.


Latest News

ROP's status is unknown - however Archaelogy will include an Aviansie digsite at launch called the Stormguard Citadel, more information is coming in November.


Please note that many things presented as facts or known are based on old designs of the quest. While it is believed that much of these designs will stay when it enters production, certain parts are expected to be altered and quite different in the final product.
Rite of Passage

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~ Overview ~

Rite of Passage's story takes us to the Aviansie homeworld of Abbinah. Here, unknown events transpire that lead us to meet Aralim, a young Aviansie who about to perform his Aviansie coming of age rite of passage. A ritual in which young Aviansie travel to the world's core, completing various trials on the way, to fill a vessel with water and bring it back to their tribe.

Sounds simple enough? This serves as only a portion of the quest, and what happens later is still obscure, but we know it will heavily involve the Aviansie and one of the currently never seen Elder Artefacts; in short, this story is far more than a simple coming of age ritual.

The potential Artefact candidates are: The Codex, The Template, or The Hammer.

We will also potentially see the Guardians of Armadyl, and a whole host of lore about Armadyl due to his association with the race, the world, and the Elder Artefact, which gave him his original godhood.

Requirements from the 2013 design (extremely likely to change):
- 30-39 Agility.
- 30-39 Divination.
- possibility of 30-39 in some other skills as well.
- Must be able to handle intermediate level combat, with possibility of scaling.
- Missing: Presumed Death.
Rite of Passage

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Rite of Passage and Aviansie art:

The following is official concept art from the quest and surrounding elements:

Rite of Passage concept:

Abbinah concept (showing what could possibly be Aquilar):


MPD and WE2 saw an architecture and style that is also used on Abbinah, here's some concept arts from these two updates.

Aviansie architecture and design concept (from MPD):

Armadylean/Aviansie props concept (from WE2):

Tower of Armadyl concept:

Empyrean Citadel concept:


Showing art of potential characters we may meet.

Gee'ka, the golem smith:

Taka'ra, the Aviansie Tribe Leader:

Kamiee, head diviner/advisor to Armadyl:

Art showcasing various Aviansie looks:

And of course, Armadyl himself:
Rite of Passage

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The Abbinah Creation Myth
This is a piece of lore written by Mod Raven and was shared in the 2015 forum lore Q&A. I have added "The Spirit" to the beginning of some paragraphs to avoid Ba'tieru being starred. As this isn't in-game it is subject to change.

Pre-Armadyl, the aviansie believed in a series of spirits, rather than gods, each of these spirits governed either the winds, the rocks or the water. Chief amongst these was Ba'Tieru, the spirit of the storms.

The spirit Ba'Tieru was in love with the water spirit Do'thari as he belived that Do'thari was the most beautiful of all of the spirits because of the way his hair flowed as he swam in the moonlight. To woo Do'Thari he would take pieces of the heavens and move them into orbit around Do'Thari to entice him with their beauty.

Do'Thari was enraptured by these beautiful displays and he vowed to leave the world to be with Ba'Tieru.

But Do'Thari was the husband of Mied, a jealous spirit of the core. When she saw her husband vow to leave her side, she became angry.

She hurled the mountains at Ba'Tieru, smashing his display to pieces. Those pieces became dull and then turned to rock, becoming the outer islands. The pieces hurled by Mied became the worlds middle islands.

The spirit Ba'Tieru was not deterred and he vowed to take Do'Thari to be with him in the heavens and Do'Thari vowed the same, for Mied was a cruel and controlling wife. Furious at her husbands betrayal, Mied wrapped herself around the world and smothered Do'Thari, and his body became the oceans.

The spirit Ba'Tieru was enraged and with hands made from the raging hurricanes, he tore Mied apart, which is why the core of Abbinah looks like great hands have torn a hole in it. In his grief Ba'Tieru could never rest and he walks Abbinah in constant, raging fury.
Rite of Passage

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Reveal Podcast Summary:

The Rite of Passage Podcast can be found on the Runescape Podbean page or on Youtube, google "Rite of Passage podcast" to find it on the 1st link.

- Rite of Passage is the final title
- Takes place on the Aviansie Homeworld Abbinah
- Abbinah is a harsh location, consisting of floating islands hovering over an unstable chaotic core, not an idealistic view of floating islands
- Players help a young aviansie participate in the Rite of Passage, which at a basic level involves getting water from core, “there’s obviously a lot more to it”
- Player will traverse between floating islands, navigate in “free-form pattern”, you can choose which islands to go to, not a linear dungeon so to speak
- Exploring a new world and the feelings of exploration associated with this is important
- Linza features (Planned to be Xenia originally)

- May be other recognisable characters (Doesn’t want to spoil)
- “I’m sure there may be references” (On meeting Armadyl)
- There’s a change in Abbinah due to 6th age, big focus of quest
- Lore etc “hidden” around the world, in hidden areas etc, kind of like Memoriam crystals I suppose.
- Requirements in the 30s (intermediate?) Agility and Divination mentioned.
- High level post-quest content from levels 40 to 80 in skills for exploring blocked off areas, story content and other rewards hidden here. Planned to have something special for level 80s.
- Plan is to introduce optional combat scaling, play original 30s difficulty or toggle on scaling if you want hard combat suited for your level. No reward for putting on scaling, just for people who want the challenge. (Might not be in final product)
- Definitely voice-acted (this may no longer be the case)
- “Quite big reveals we’ve not even touched on”, “We’ve only touched on the first third of the quest” (we know a bit more now e.g. it focuses on artefacts)
- Early stage of development (hehe)
- Original launch was to be late 2013.
Rite of Passage

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Summary of answers about RoP from Lore Q&A's:

- Armadyl finding Staff of Armadyl covered in RoP. He did not find it on Abbinah, and it was after his initial ascension with the 1st artefact.
- Aviansie not residing on Gielinor after WE2 covered in RoP, has to do with cultural traditions among other things.
- Armadyl's 2nd artefact covered explicitly in RoP.
- Armadyl's ascension covered in RoP.

- RoP will be tweaked slightly due to the delay it has suffered but the basic story is very much intact, things like some motivations may change
- Raven wants to do more Aviansie/Armadyl stuff after RoP, dramatically increase their story
- RoP will have implications upon the wider world but the story is relatively self-contained
- Armadyl can be added, potentially
- There are many functional clan citadel-like islands, not just one canonical
- Aviansie mate for life (1 partner)
- Aviansie weren't all in the Wilderness, several escaped or died out afterwards without mating partners
- Avatars are not on Abbinah
- Minions are basically mini-golems, maybe not tied to Abbinah either.
- The Citadel language may be the Aviansie language, probably not explored too deeply in RoP
- After being united Aviansie lived on Abbinah about 5-600 years before going to Gielinor
- The Staff of Armadyl was discovered while the Aviansie were being united, covered in RoP
- The campaign to unite Aviansie took roughly 100 years
- The campaign included little bloodshed, only few tribes really resisted
- Tribes who resist unification still exist, but are a tiny minority
- There existed warriors who dragged islands around for combat purposes!
- At one point the various breeds of Aviansie were considered separate races
- Aviansie have domesticated a few animals, including strange creatures for pets
- Armadyl doesn't know of Zaros abducting Aviansie
- Aviansie only know of the world gate through legend of Aviansie disappearing through arches etc
Rite of Passage

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- Rites of passage were ceremonial simple things on Gielinor
- It was quite a feat to migrate to Gielinor, more than one portal used, covered in RoP.
- Aviansie celebrate new year, and have one day of contemplation, Armadyl discourages religious events in his name
- Hatchlings are thaught by their tribe, at a certain age they go to higher islands to get educated by Aviansie elders, before performing their Rite of Passage. After this they are apprenticed in a craft of their choosing.
- There have been bad aviansie like tyrants etc, the race is certainly not perfect
- The entire Creation Myth, describing the mythology of the Aviansie before Armadyl ascended. Explains how the world was made, as spirits got into a lot of drama.
- Aviansie are ok with same-gender relationships (the spirits in love are both men)
- Armadyl is recovering after WE2, really dislikes killing Bandos
- Uncertain if Armadyl has seen Tuska before
- Armadyl had more motivations to come to Gielinor than the Empyrean Citadel, covered in ROP
- Armadyl doesn't want Bandos's mace, keeps hold if it in case
- Aviansie population is "small".
- Names are mostly chosen on how nice they sound, no big meaning otherwise
- Armadyl is going to restructure the Guardians of Armadyl, ROP introduces "New Guardians of Armadyl"
- Plan is to add Abbinah to the world gate
- Tobi'it is a little insect Aviansie use in delicacies
- Aviansie live approx. as long as a human in good conditions.
Rite of Passage

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Unofficial Aviansie Timeline

For interest here's an Aviansie timeline I started working on, I imagine ROP will make it a lot more expansive and accurate. Everything should be listed descending in the order it presumably happened. In theory I could mash together Age 2 and 3 but I feel they are different enough. Opposite for Age 4, which could be split into Gielinorian Age 2 and 3, but I chose not to do it here.

- Jas makes Abbinah.
- Abbinah is shattered, for unknown reasons.
- An Elder Artefact is hidden somewhere on Abbinah.
- The Aviansie race starts taking shape.
- Age End: Aviansie race start living in tribes etc.

Age 1: Conflicts (unknown how long it lasted, probably very long)
- Aviansie tribes are separate and independent of one another, sometimes in conflict over resources like water.
- Mythology about Spirits that made Abbinah and control aspects of its nature is created.
- Age End: Armadyl is born.

Age 2: Armadyl’s Ascension and Campaign (approx. 100-150 years)
- Armadyl discovers the Abbinah Elder Artefact and unintentionally ascends to godhood.
- Armadyl starts his campaign to unite the Aviansie.
- Armadyl starts exploring other worlds, including Kethsi.
- Armadyl discovers the Staff of Armadyl on an unknown world.
- Armadyl forges some additions onto the Staff of Armadyl; a winged symbol, and an orb.
- Age End: Armadyl successfully unites the Aviansie, with very few outcasts still resisting. Establishing the race as “Armadylean”. This happens roughly 100 years after the campaign started.

Age 3: United on Abbinah (5-600 years)
- Aviansie live united alongside Armadyl. Resources are still scarce but tribes cooperate rather than fight over the limited resources.
- Suspected that larger villages like Aquilar are established properly in this time.
- Age End: The Aviansie start planning a migration to Gielinor.
Rite of Passage

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Age 4: Gielinor (between 4-6000 Years, as unsure on when in the Gielinorian 2nd age they arrived)
- Aviansie arrive on Gielinor in Gielinorian 2nd Age.
- Aviansie raise floating island citadels in the sky for safety and to imitate life on Abbinah.
- Empyrean Citadel is created by the Aviansie, as a tribute to Armadyl, it is used as his base.
- Guardians of Armadyl established, their most famous duty is to protect the Staff of Armadyl.
- Vague alliances with some other gods rise (esp Saradomin).
- Staff of Armadyl is stolen, leading to a series of events ending with Zamorak taking down Zaros and ending the 2nd Gielinorian Age.
Armadyl reclaims staff and hides it again.
- God Wars erupt, Aviansie races suffers extreme losses and create a monument in the Empyrean Citadel.
- Aviansie create the godsword in an alliance with Bandos and Saradomin, to try and take down Zamorak.
- Zamorak wipes out Forinthry with Stone of Jas.
- Age End: Few Aviansie remain and those who can flee to Abbinah, believing Armadyl to be gone. Armadyl, believing the Aviansie to be gone, leaves the world. Unclear if by himself or forced out by Guthix. Some Aviansie remain, frozen in the GWD.

Age 5: Back on Abbinah (2160-2169 Years)
- Aviansie return to Abbinah, they carry on traditions of Aviansie 3rd Age, but now without a god.
- Armadyl wanders the universe in mourning, unaware the Aviansie are still alive.
- Approx. 5 years before the age ends Taka’ra becomes high mage of the Aviansie.
- Age End: Armadyl returns to Abbinah.

Age 6: Armadyl’s Return (1-10 Years and ongoing)
- The Aviansie celebrate Armadyl’s return for a full year.
- Within approx. 5 years, Guthix dies and the edict shield disappears.
- Aviansie scout Gielinor.
- Taw*paak is sent as an emissary for the Armadylean faction.
- Scouts discover Sliske has taken over the Empyrean Citadel, MPD follows.
- Armadyl defeats Bandos in WE2 after the events of MPD.
Rite of Passage

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