Don't Nerf POF (Ironman)

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Jan Member 2020


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I can understand why a nerf is required for POF on mainscape, however on an ironman it will make POF completely dead content.

Getting animals on an Ironman is already difficult, as we can't buy them. If you nerf the breeding rates and and the EXP then there's no point doing it.

11-Sep-2019 15:44:57

Mar Member 2014


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Having any content give benefits over regular players defeats the purpose of ironmen. It would be unfair if ironmen have higher xp rates then regular players. I Know you still have to get the animals but once you get them you don't have to worry about getting them again. The brightest ideas are the most undervalued.

11-Sep-2019 15:59:12



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The animals aren't my problem with Ironman-mode Player-owned farms. It's the food upkeep. It's already tremendously tedious. Now it will be even more so.

I will probably just abandon it entirely on my Ironman.

12-Sep-2019 15:35:07

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