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Hello everyone,

Below is the player-facing design document for the Bank Rework. It is an edited version of the original design overview that we made for the project.

Please let us know of any feedback about the design. We will be of course be available on the thread, reddit and Twitter but we want to make sure that you know that we're listening to feedback.

I will be posting responses to feedback and answering questions on 13th, 20th December and 3rd, 10th and 17th January to be sure to check back then. I'll update this post with a link to these posts so just check back if you want to get involved in feedback!

First feedback post here! - Bank space, subtabs, POH items and more!
Second feedback post here! - Potions, multiple stacks, preset icons and more!
Third feedback post here! - Presets, deleting items and name of the bank!

Mod Timbo


The RuneScape Bank is one of the most important systems in RuneScape, you interact with the RuneScape bank multiple times on a daily basis, a vast majority of skills requires a bank in order to be trained at all and is an iconic part of the RuneScape gameplay. For all of these reasons, we need to be incredibly sure that we improve the bank's usability, display, functionality and features while keeping true to the identity of the current RuneScape bank.

To that end, we want to get you involved. We want your feedback on everything that we’re proposing. This document is the first step, and we want to see your thoughts on the official threads on forums, reddit and Twitter. We will then outline the changes to this design, based on your feedback, in a RuneScape Dev Diary about the Bank Rework in the coming weeks. Look out for that!

All of the below information is what we're designing and aiming for. Not everything will make it but we wanted to share as much about the design as we can right now.

Projects aims

This is what the Bank rework is looking to achieve. These aims are created for every major project, and are usually only released internally.

• Add critical features such as bank placeholders, organisation and customisation
• Improve the usability of the bank, so that players can use it more efficiently and without friction
• Bring existing storage and retrieval features into one central area
• Maintain the current feel of the RuneScape bank, so that it’s recognisable to existing and returning players
• Improve the internal workings of the bank so that it can be maintained and expanded easily

Vision for the bank

When writing a design for something as large and critical to the game, it is important to have a vision and stick to it throughout your design. This is the statement to make sure that we hit our project aims and deliver a bank rework that everyone will enjoy.

A reworked RuneScape bank should have the same visual style and interaction as it does currently. New features should be implemented without adding friction to the user experience, and nothing should be added for the sake of it: everything should be building a better bank.

UI Redesign

Part of the rework includes reassessing the layout of the bank but not just for the sake of it. This does not mean a complete redesign of how the bank looks or feels. It’s important that the RuneScape bank feels familiar.

There are many of the new features that we're looking to implement to the bank that will need to be visible from the main bank screen, primarily presets, sorting features and incorporating the inventory and equipment screen. It's important that you shouldn't have to spend 2 hours relearning where everything is.

Click the image for a better look!

Feature list

These features are taken from many different threads on the forums, reddit and other avenues. Thank you so much for your help in designing these. The features listed below are prioritised in collaboration with you.

Bank Placeholders

The number one requested update to the bank of all-time. Most people have a very strictly arranged bank or, at the very least, have tabs for certain gear. When a player wants to take out their expensive PvM equipment, the bank collapses itself and moves everything around. This can be frustrating to anyone who has their items in specific places for cosmetic reasons, or want to know where something is at a given time.

Bank placeholders are a simple concept, in that whenever a player withdraws the last from a stack of items, that item stays in place at 0 quantity. This means that the bank doesn't shuffle round, and the item appears as if it is still there. When I go to deposit the item, it will ‘replace’ the placeholder, wherever that placeholder is.

In addition to the above, you will be able to put the same item into multiple tabs. This means that if you want to have a Woodcutting and Fletching tab, you can put the same placeholder of elder logs in both tabs.

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Organisation and sorting options

We all love to keep organised banks, whether for aesthetic or organisational purposes, but we've never given you the tools to sort it efficiently. We're planning to add auto-sorting options and some organisational tweaks to allow quick sorting of banks and some much needed customisation.

There are a huge number of different sorting options that we want to give you: automatically sorting a tab based on the level required to make/wear/use; sorting by GE value; sorting by quantity; sorting by a custom setting; tabs to be marked to only accept certain item types; and to designate tabs as ‘loot tabs’ for quick valuation (and taking a good screenshot), and when using auto deposit features like the Pack Yak scroll and Sign of the Porter.

We're also adding the Wise Old Man's bank cleanup as an option inside the bank itself, meaning that it should be easier and quicker for you to free up bank space. We're also going to be updating this service so that it is easier to use and includes up-to-date items.

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(Sort of) Unlimited bank tabs

While we won’t be offering unlimited bank tabs, it's pretty darn close. Someone, somewhere will hit the limit, but we're planning to give you a far greater number of tabs.

We want to make sure that everyone can have a bank tab for every single skill in the game, for every boss-monster’s loot tabs, for cosmetic items, for essential items, for you to customise and do what you like with. The bank needs to be more flexible to accommodate the many different ways of playing RuneScape, and that is what we plan to provide.

We're making it so that bank tab icons no longer need to be the first item in the bank. You will be able to select any item in the game to be your bank tab icon, even if you don’t own that item. You will even be able to choose skill icons for your tabs, for quick identification.

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Better searching via meta tagging

Searching hasn't really changed since its implementation, but we can improve on it and add features that you are used to encountering on internet search engines. We can display search results in a window that doesn't disappear when you interact with it, and we can offer clearer information on searched items.

Meta-tagging is when we attach keywords to an item, other than the item’s name, that can be searched for. This is similar to the Grand Exchange categories, but instead of selecting a category, you will be able to search for it. For example, searching for ‘food’ in your bank will bring up all items that have the ‘food’ meta-tag, which will be all items that could be eaten to restore health. Now imagine this across weapons, armour potions, etc.

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Updating Presets

Presets have become a staple part of the bank since their introduction in 2014 and we're looking to update them as part of the Bank Rework. We'll be performing a bunch of Ninja fixes to them, as well as a ton of behind-the-scenes reworks that will help us deliver key features.

We are in the process of seeing whether we can add more presets, as well as Beast of Burden presets, in the technical design. It’s something that we want to do, but comes with a significant technical cost.

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Diango from your bank

In the not too distant past, Diango was a simple toy salesman, but recently he has held the responsibility of holding onto all reclaimable items. Travelling to Diango or his brother in Prifddinas is far from a perfect system, so we're going to let you do this at your bank. If you want to do a bit of Cooking at the portable range in Lumbridge, but need to reclaim your outfit, you can now do so from a bank chest.

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Shuffling and Bank options

It can be frustrating when the bank shuffles around after adding or removing an item. This has been a problem for years, but we will be giving you the option, as a part of a new suite of Bank options, to change your shuffling mode. By default, it will work as it does now: if you withdraw an item, all of the other items will shuffle up. You will, however, be able to toggle to the ‘Old-School’ version, where items do not shuffle until you close the bank.

As part of this, we will be introducing a ‘Bank Edit Mode’ where you will be able to customise your bank, set placeholders and do cosmetic changes to your bank without worrying about messing up your presets or accidentally withdrawing items.

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Customisable cosmetic effects

The bank is a screen that you look at often, it's a place to gear up ready for combat, a place to store all of your valuable materials and good as well as a place to train on a plethora of skills. It is for these reasons that we are adding some cosmetic features to the bank such as being able to change the colour of tabs, being able to rename tabs and much more.

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Technical Improvements Corner by Mod Hunter

With the current bank, as far as the game engine is concerned, the bank inventory is no different from the regular inventory, where all of the rules for how content such as bank tabs, non-bankable items and other special cases work are handled by our scripting language, RuneScript. This gives our developers a lot of control over the finer details. However, critical portions of the core interactions were built a long time ago and had much more restricted functionality - resulting in expensive code which is increasingly difficult to maintain and build on.

One of the more important things we look at from a technical perspective is what code the game servers are running. We have information such as the total amount of time each script takes to execute and how many times it’s used which we can use to generate lists of the most expensive code. We have well over a hundred thousand individual scripts and the current bank system appears in the top 200 list 9 times in total.

One of our key development aims with the bank rework is to work directly in the game engine to provide support for all of the new features we wish to add, while completely rewriting the RuneScript from scratch. This should give developers as much control as possible while allowing the game engine to directly handle much of the strain. This will ultimately allow us to add the new features listed in this document while making the system much more maintainable for us and severely reducing the amount of script!

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Ninja Team
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Stevenliii said:
Unless I missed it, no mention was made of increasing the actual available bank space. Is this in the plans for the rework ?

The amount of bank space is not really something covered by the Bank Rework, it is a separate thing associated with how much data we can actually store. Giving all of our players X number of bank spaces is a big technical ask.

Grifsader said:
I think quest items is a big issue, I've got all these quest items and i'm not sure if i'll need them again for sequels. I've made that mistake before, discarded a quest item which I then need for the next one.

In the blog there's a mention of updating the Wise Old Man, hopefully that will do everything that you need.

Bowi said:
The picture shows 12 slots next to each other in the bank and I'm really not a fan of this. I'm one of those players who keeps their bank organised and it's based around 10 items per row (examples: 6 versions of overload in a flask + 4 versions of the vial edition & 5 stages of ring of wealth + 5 stages of amulet of glory). By changing it from 10 to 12 in a row that means that for me and probably for many more they have the reorganise their entire bank while the 2 extra slots don't even help that much.

I see little to no benefit of making the bank wider than it is and as of now I personally see only downsides to it.

Part of the customisation options is to be able to go back to a 10 item row bank layout if you would like to. The document is already rather large and I didn't want to go into huge amounts of detail about every custom option.
Mod Timbo
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Mod Timbo

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Hey guys,

Thank you so, so much for all of your feedback so far, this Bank Rework is as much of yours as it is ours so I'm happy to see so much feedback so far.

I've read all of the feedback on the thread so far, took me quite a while, and I'm going to summarise the most prominent pieces of feedback and questions that I've seen pop up the most often. If your question didn't make the cut this time - don't worry! There are going to be more feedback responses like this so just ask it and I'll read it for next time.

We need more bank space!
The Bank Rework doesn't really deal with the sort of issues like bank space, it was my aim to write the Rework design making new features, fixing problems and making it better. We do know that this is important but there isn't anything that we can talk about right now.

There are a number of features in the Bank Rework that should help with your bank space however. You can now access Diango's storage from the bank meaning that you don't need all of your holiday items in your bank. We're also going to be updating, and allowing from the bank, the Wise Old Man quest item cleanup.

The Bank Mockup has 12 columns instead of the 10 columns that we have right now, is there any way we can change this?
Yes! It's not mentioned on the design but you are able to change it in the bank options from 12 to 10. You can also resize the bank meaning that it will change around the amount of columns you have to suit your needs.

We now have Diango in our banks, can we have our POH storage?
Yes! We want to try and make the bank your storage area for items as much as possible, as it is clear in the aims. We'll be adding the POH storage features straight from the bank.

In some of the player designs for a bank rework, there was the idea of having "sub-tabs" and bank fillers. Is there any chance of adding these?
Yes again (sort of). We never added bank fillers to the design as we weren't sure it was that wanted but you proved us wrong in the feedback. On top of that is the idea of sub-tabs. We're going to be adding a special bank filler that is a tab separator that will split the current tab for you.

Having all of the presets on the main bank window is cool but I'm never going to remember that Preset 10 is my Woodcutting preset, can we customise it?
We're looking in to having the ability to customise preset icons on the main window. As part of the original design, you can hover over the numbers to give you the name of the preset but there is definitely more we can do here.

Bank UI Rework: I don't like... Could you change...? I think we should...
We know that there will be a lot of individual pieces of feedback regarding the new layout of the bank This is just a message to say that we're not ignoring them but there is so much of it that it's hard to respond to all of it.

Having the same stack of items across tabs is cool but I want to be able to split that stack and have it across multiple tabs?
Yes! We've had a chat with the technical guys (Mods Hunter and Pi) and they think that it is possible. This would take two bank spaces instead of one but it is definitely possible.

Thanks to everyone that has given feedback, hopefully this answers some of the burning questions and pieces of feedback that most people have.
Mod Timbo
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13-Dec-2016 18:07:02

Mod Timbo

Mod Timbo

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Hey everyone,

Thanks for the fresh feedback and the feedback on my feedback.

I've been through reddit, Twitter and the last 5-6 pages to see if there was anything else burning that needed answering so here it is.

Don't forget, I'm going to be having my Christmas break so I won't be around to post any more feedback until 3rd January. I'll be sure to keep checking out the thread whilst having a mince pie or two however. :)

I like that we're getting more tabs but is there a way that I can combine all of the doses of my potions? Right now I am using so many spaces holding on to 1-dose, 2-dose etc potions.
This is something that we have discussed but do not think it is possible to make a bank feature due to some technical restraints.

We love the idea though, creating a "Potion well" or something similar for potions would be perfect as an item made from one of our skills, perhaps it could be better sat as a new Invention device. This is something that we're strongly considering right now and could even come out before the Bank Rework so watch this space!

Does the new placeholders mean that I can have multiple max stacks in the bank?
Yes, you can have multiple max stacks but ONLY if they are in different tabs. With the technical implementations of this it does mean that you can't display all 3 max stacks of needles in the same tab and will require you to have one stack in a new tab.

But Moderator Timbo, if I have two stacks of the same item does this mean that it will take two bank spaces>
Yes it does.

If you have a single stack of items appear in multiple tabs then it will only take one bank space. For example, I have 1000 Elder Logs in my bank. If I have it display 1000 Elder logs in both my Firemaking and Fletching tab then it will only take one bank space.

If you have more than one stack of the same item in your bank across multiple tabs then it will cost that many bank spaces. For example, I have 1000 Elder Logs in my bank. If I have 400 Elder Logs displayed in my Firemaking tab and 600 Elder Logs displayed in my Fletching tab then it would take two bank spaces.

Is there a way that we can change the default left-click option on items in the bank?
No, that isn't a part of the Bank Rework for technical reasons. It is something that we can investigate as we change things behind the scenes but it is unlikely to change.

Once I've made my Bank Placeholders, can I change them?
Of course you can. With the Bank Edit Mode feature that we're adding, you can go in at any point and change what items are placeholders and what aren't. It is worth noting that any placeholders that have 0 quantity that you remove will make all of your items shuffle down one.

It's nice that we can quick load all 10 of our presets but sometimes I don't know which preset is which. Can we change the numbers to icons?
Yes! After having a chat with the devs after seeing this feedback, we looked in to it and it is possible. One of the only problems is making sure that there is enough space to have icons that are large enough to be recognisable so there are some UI design issues to solve but it is something that we want to do.

The Bank Rework is great but I want to be able to price individual tabs like my Giant Mole loot tab, is that possible?
It's a really awesome piece of feedback and whilst I can't give a yes/no answer right now, it is going to be part of our technical investigation to see if we have summaries of the loot tab based on their current GE price.

Thanks once again, I'll see you again on this thread in 2017!
Mod Timbo
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20-Dec-2016 14:27:24

Mod Timbo

Mod Timbo

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Hey guys,

Happy New Year to everyone! This is a day late because its been all hands on deck coming from the holidays so apologies for that.

Here is some response to the latest feedback I've seen.

This looks great, when can we expect the Bank Rework?

There is no ETA on this but as Mod Kelpie mentioned in the Dev Diary, you should not be expecting a release until the Summer. There is a lot of technical and additional design work to be completed, it is an (Archeron) mammoth task.

Is there a way that we can get placeholders of items that we don't own?

There aren't any plans to add this. However, with bank fillers you should be able to add a filler item where your item would be and when you get it, add it as a placeholder.

Can we have a way of getting rid of multiple items?

Again, we don't have anything planned for this. With the current ability to drag and drop items out of the bank, it should be relatively quickly and infrequent to clear our your bank. It is something we can consider during development.

Can we move tabs? If I have a tab I use a lot that's number 17, I don't want to have to keep scrolling.

Of course, the existing drag and drop functionality of tabs is staying.

Can you make presets... Can presets do... I was wondering if presets...

We know that there are a lot of questions and small grievances with presets that people have. That is why that we said we'll be opening a thread later in the year for small changes and Ninjafixes with presets that we can do. Right now, we don't have anything really to share other than we hope you post your feedback and suggestions when the thread opens.

Are we changing the name of the bank to Bank of Gielinor? The UI mockup shows that instead of Bank of RuneScape!

We still intend for it to be called the Bank of RuneScape, the mockup has a different name as a suggestion but isn't final.

Thanks again for your feedback!
Mod Timbo
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