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obviously pets. i love clues and would also love being able to show off that fact with wizard bobbleheads or something of the sort.

before considering more tradeable or "static" (as in they enter and never leave the game) rewards, i think it would be wise to look at the osrs cluescroll rework/overhaul. most of the "plebian" rewards are in just as poor shape in a monetary sense as those in rs3 were before the lotd came out. i think this is possibly the result of a few reasons:

• they dont look good; many cosmetics from treasure trails are fine looking items, but they dont appeal to the general player bases aesthetics (various masks, trimmed items, heraldic rune, ornament kits)


• they dont serve a purpose; most of the items from treasure trails that do have stats are completely outclassed by cheaper items or have a poor niche (god bows anyone?)


• they arent "rare" enough; third age items are famous in runescape simply for being rare. many of the items dont look good at all, but theyre Rare™, and thats good enough.


• they never leave the game; we saw with lotd that many junk rewards skyrocketed in price simply because they were the most cost effective way to get comps. thats because they never left the game, and there were thousands and thousands of them just existing in banks, never being used.

keeping these things in mind, i would like to see more rewards that are consumed upon use. more dyes, newer (and significantly rarer and better looking) ornament kits, titles, consumable outfits, and maybe even combat/skilling bonuses like motherlode maw enhancers. i enjoy doing clues for more than just the loot, but nicer loot that doesnt justify itself on whether or not some overzealous tinkerer destroys these long forgotten treasure troves because theyre junk would be nice.

and please for christs sake dont even consider dragons as cluescroll pets. theres too fkin many of them.
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