Elite Dungeon 3 questions

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Rikornak said:
They said the first two bosses will be roughly comparable to ED1/2, while the final boss will be quite a bit harder - he also will be the sole source for crossbow parts.

As for other questions: They won't give us more skill codicies for now, ED3 will have sigils related to dealing additional damage against demons, dragons or undead.

- undead, dragon, and demon slayer perks from Invention
- undead has Salve amulets
- demons have Demon Slayer Armor, Darklight (upgraded), and Abyssal Bane weapons
- Dragons have the Dragon Bane stuff

oh ... and Slayer Helm variants for when on task

And still haven't gotten into the application of power armor, combat familiars, and other accuracy/damage boosting perks from Invention (precise, biting, etc)

Now auras for those 3 classes which happen to make up a significant portion of the species of monsters we kill.

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Jeremy Cheng said:
Hoping Elite Dungeon 3 has extra rewards for players who have completed Pieces of Hates. 2 days till release hype.

It most likely won't. They just mentioned extra rewards for players having completed the dungeons in order.

I guess we'll see if it will have too much of a connection to PoH anyway.
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"So the 'A character you've met before comes and assists you at some point in the fight' has to be The Raptor right?"

It is Hannibus the ancient Dragonrider on the back of the KBD.

Not Primrose's imaginary friend in The Needle Skips, but the real ancient dragonrider, Vindicta's small long lost father, Dr. Mordaut's huge heroic idol of all dragon kinds and the holder of the Seeds of Future for Gielinor and Iaia.

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