t95 bow ?

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Robbycool said:
support bonus while using arrows. make it better than ecb eof in blightbounds. Better than sgb eof. That would be a sure way to enrage the entire player base by unbalancing the combat triangle more than it already is. I know Jagex loves to enrage their fanbase from time to time. Here's a great oppurtunity! Member Wilderness removal and trading restrictions. Member treasure hunter. I member.

Yes I'm glad we could agree on this subject.

18-Oct-2021 04:35:07

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Dilbert2001 said:

This probably means the final boss of GWD3 will drop T95 bow.

Indeed. Now that we know that a T95 2H Sword, it'll be very surprising if final boss doesn't come with a T95 ranged weapon. Though, I suppose it might not necessarily be a bow... could be a crossbow or throwing weapon. Nonetheless...

19-Oct-2021 21:10:41

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It doesn't have to be a t95 bow lol. Ranged is still the strongest style in the game with old as hell items. Mainly broken due to greater rico, as ranged b4 that was in an ok spot.

Overall idk why they didn't nerf greater rico harder, just making it 1 hit for example, or just nerfing hydrix bolts, or nerfing cinderbanes.

Overall pretty happy the 4th boss drops a t95 melee. Hope for t95 magic duel wield.

Does ranged need more power creep right now? Nope! Just buff magic/melee to catch up if they are ok with the power and flex/mobility ranged has. Make t95 ranged after when ranged actually needs it.
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21-Oct-2021 19:14:20

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Somewhat agree with XJ9.

This is getting somewhat to a more balanced combat triangle by slowly buffing melee/magic without having to nerf range.
This way it's alot better and easyer to balance things out rather then adjusting every spell to try and balance things out.
Keep in mind that there is also a part of rng included with procs as XJ9 stated with the example of hydrix bolts.

21-Oct-2021 19:34:25

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I think they'll drop a T95 bow (even though ranged is quite strong) but to compete with crossbows and bak bolts. So in the end it'll not change range too much. That's my guess. Per Ardua Ad Astra. Respect, Integrity, Service, Excellence.

23-Oct-2021 15:43:35

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