Comp Cape Rework Dev Update

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Lord Kylle

Lord Kylle

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Nexcited said:
personally i see your proposal as shredding all mine and many others hard hours of work. i worked so hard for comp and am so close to trim, so demotivating to know that my achievements are going to become outdated, like whats the point of even continuing to go for trimmed comp now because by the time i get it its going to become "legacy" which to me just makes it seem not relevant anymore, if this update comes out and i'm like t1 in all the things to get the new comp i will feel like all my progress has just been liquidated, thus probably wont want to play anymore. i urge you to rethink this. it essentially this pushes aside all our hard work.. we don't want legacy comps. you should just add new details or something to existing comp so if you go above and beyond the main achievement, like maybe some pattern details on the back of the cape which build up more and more as you complete more, eventually leaving you with a fully detailed comp cape if you finish all that is required. as for the combat bonuses. just add a combat related cape people can earn from doing certain bossing activities that can be worn in comps place.. please dont make comp/trim legacy. no one will want them anymore, meaning they will become worthless.

You know that the Tier 3 comp cape might just be that 'above and beyond'? :)

12-Mar-2019 12:30:29

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