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Primal Ninja

Primal Ninja

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these are my reasons why warding should be not a thing and if it is maybe it should be a mini-game or part of the RuneCrafting skill.

1. staffs and xeric robes are already part of crafting and should be moved to RuneCrafting like the skill.

2. nightmare zone would have no content making it more pointless than warding if imbuing changed

3. it will mess up the skills tab; currently it is perfect the way it is. such a traumatic change would leave players thinking this isn't the same osrs they love.

4. the only reason why people want this is for the skill cape and emote; make it into a minigame instead of a skill.

5. it looks extremely tedious and painful to train; even more so than summoning. actually i would prefer summoning in osrs before warding.

6. dismantling a platebody into bars then smithing them to dismantle it again will make 99 smithing and warding too easy and stupid. or would make the cost of 99 smiting cheaper.

7. Runecrafting needs more content. maybe make it as the warding update instead?
RuneCrafting already infuses boots why can't it infuse robes and staves as well? there is no point in a new skill when we already have a broken skill that needs more work.

8. Robes should be infused by using runes on materials at specific locations/alters for higher boosts of RuneCrafting xp.

9. All Runecrafting currently is running laps an entire year for low xp; this would greatly add more to the skill that is supposed to be the core of Runescape more enjoyable to train because it feels more complete so everyone is happy.

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Thread closed as Warding is a possible update for OSRS, not for RS3. You've already made a similar post in the Old School Forums, so please continue the discussion there.


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