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eye urn mahn

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The only way a combat revert would actually work would be basically deleting all the content of the past 5 years, and I doubt many current players would be thrilled by that idea. The old combat system had no more room to grow, and that would still be a problem if it was returned. No new complex mechanics, no new gear because it would be completely overpowered. If you wanted to keep current content you would need to nerf basically everything that was already in the game pre-eoc to allow there to be more room at the top end. That is unless you think 1-hitting everything is good game-play. The game had so much gear diversity when everybody was using the chaotic rapier for nearly everything. Remember how strong players were in pre-eoc, now give them stronger weapons, stronger armor, better jewlery, better overloads, better prayers, better auras, ect. Basically the only pieces of gear from pre-eoc that are relevant at a high level are nex armors if you don't feel like t90 armor is necessary for the boss, and the comp cape.

edit: also invention perks and stronger slayer helms

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eye urn mahn

eye urn mahn

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Let's do a quick and dirty approximation on where reverting to pre-eoc, keeping new content, and not fixing the obvious problems would get us.

We will have a player training slayer in pretty much max gear.

Using a chaotic rapier, saradomin's whisper, slayer helm, statius plate and legs, dfs, torva gloves and boots, comp cape, zerker ring(i), overloads and turmoil they have a max hit of...

Now we upgrade a bit.
khopesh of tumeken +25str
amulet of souls +3str
corrupted slayer helm +2%
malevelent plate and legs +3str
khopesh of elidinis (hard to say but let's just give it +5str over the dfs)
razorback gauntlets +1str
emberkeen boots +1str(not realistic, but we are going for max gear here)
comp cape (wow something still relevant)
ring of death (same stats but replaces all dks rings)
supreme overloads +2%
malevolence +2%
for a max hit of...

So now people can hit ~25% harder, significantly more accurately, with way higher defense, and if we revert overhead prayers to pre-eoc, taking no damage or healing at an absurd rate.

For PvP we go from chaotic mauls hitting 705 to zaros godswords hitting 873. And this is if we revert to only allowing super potions, if we allow overloads (hint hint supreme overloads) we get the zaros godsword up to around 943. Have fun trying to out-eat that.

Pre-eoc ended because there was no room to continue the game. Things were already getting overpowered and there weren't many options to fix it. Maybe fewer people would have quit if they just nerfed everything in the game, but there still would have been plenty of people that quit.

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