New Islands to Visit + POI

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Richie B5
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Richie B5

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New Islands to visit + Player Owned Island

Is there going to be a future update that allows us to visit all the islands in the Wushanko Isles?

Perhaps every few months some of the new content being discussed ties into the islands. There is already plenty of lore and details available. It would be cool to travel the whole thing.

Maybe even make one of the little islands an extension of the player owned house. Traveling throughout the islands gathering things to put on your own island would be cool. Throw a couple beach chairs down, some plates of chips, a few glasses of beer, and a bonfire. Seems legit to me! Maybe even take a few of the pets you gather throughout the game and let them roam free on the island. A way to alter the geography to customize the terrain would be sweet.

More bosses, mobs, mini-quests, ect. The world could be our oyster :)

09-Sep-2019 04:05:39

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