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okay so you are saying you need level 80 in the 4 skills but on the same breath you are saying you need level 88.

Can it be soloed with level 80 skills? or even 88 skills? is it realistically achievable? there is a huge chunk of the player base who are ironman so im asking as the video was as expected from jagex unhelpful.

Im seeing more and more people moving over to ironman while you turn the game into a outright pay to win, with the new TH update on the 27th being the latest joke.

24-Sep-2021 23:20:40

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There is a more detailed video on twitch:

80 in the skills is recommended for the boss because it drains your stats. But anyone can enter. Including ironmen. Skilling outfits will be helpful.

Outside the boss there are lvl 88 and 92 resources for each skill. They give materials for repairing armor. Also for making consumables used inside the boss fight.

They didn't know if someone could solo it, but if you did it probably wouldn't be worth the time.

26-Sep-2021 02:50:21

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