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I was wondering why there hasn’t been a release BETA or test phase for rs3 on IOS. I think runescape is focussing too much on android but there are alot of IOS users that feel abandoned by their favourite game. I myself have an IOS device aswell and i don’t think it is completely fair aswell. Although I wouldn’t be “scaping” on my phone alot or very rarely I think developers or staff from runescape should make an effort for long time players that they can access the mobile app on IOS because I think they would be able to offer good feedback.

Is there anyone who can give me any direction to when there will be an IOS mobile version available?

10-Jan-2019 00:07:14

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I understand that it’s more difficult, but I would assume playteating would need to be done on iOS. It would be nice to know more. More transparency and active efforts.

Think the influx of players due to the mobile success is great but there could be better communication.

13-Jan-2019 18:22:56



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Perhaps they want to make sure to get it right on Android first and then focus their efforts on iOS afterwards?

Though I agree, if they are going to release it on mobile, they really should try to appeal to as many people as possible.

13-Jan-2019 19:54:22

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Perhaps Jagex want to sort out what are apps they consider legitimate first. They mentioned it with today's weekly update note:

Jagex IP on mobile apps
We have made some changes to how people can utilize the Jagex IP on mobile apps. Please see this article for further details.

It seems like they are going to take actions on some illegitimate OSRS apps in production soon but go a different route with RS3 mobile apps because it may be a better solution to sort things out before it goes to production.

14-Jan-2019 16:51:48

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According to the Jagex live stream on March 26, 2019, ioS and the Android versions will be available on launch.

"The intention is to have both iOS and Android versions on launch, so iOS will happen. Can't give a date on iOS beta but it's in development and is coming along really well."

Jagex gave their reason on giving better experience for a lot of incoming new players:

"New player experience

We're doing a lot for the rest of this year.

You'll see a lot of changes throughout the year on the first user experience, especially leading up to full commercial launch of mobile.

Post-tutorial is really important to look at, so we'll be focussing on that. If that goes well we may look back at the tutorial.

What if mobile doesn't bring in as many players as hoped? We're pretty confident because if you look at the launch of OSRS mobile and how well that's done, we've got really good data on how that's performed; and all the indicators are that we will see a good number of new players incoming. We're hoping with RS it'll do even better [than OSRS]."

28-Mar-2019 02:25:23

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It’s no different than how Android users got updates to their Companion Apps that allowed for notifications for when things bought/sold, and also didn’t kick them out every 30 seconds if you went to another app to check something. iOS seems to get the short end of the stick every time. And the funny thing is, they delete the the companion app on all platforms, leaving iOS users with nothing while android gets mobile beta. It was deleted because it “requires time from developers”, who by the way never fixed the bugs in the app to begin with.

13-Apr-2019 14:28:01

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Obviiious said:
Beta testing on iOS is more complicated then on Android. It's not really a deliberate choice by Jagex.

Also, there is currently no information on an iOS beta.

Then they should have waited so that both came out at the same time. It's not fair at all.
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01-May-2019 22:59:38

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