Zeah, the Western Continent

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Dilbert2001 said:
Jagex did not hint on any of these on the Future of Runescape survey. So, don't expect any new place to explore. In fact, last time they revealed they have actually been working on reworking existing maps, not new ones, to complete what the called the Unfinished Business.

OSRS actually only exists as an alternate reality of the RS3 Gielinor in its 5th Age. A lot of things in OSRS will not be easy to just copy and paste onto the RS3 Gielinor without ruining many RS3 game features and lore. For instance, Bob the cat died in the 5th Age Gielinor in OSRS but he is still alive and kicking in the 6th Age Gielinor. ;)

Again surveys and these small things are no hints or things to confirm that these things will come.

Surveys are just indications and suggestions how people think about a certain thing, but do not confirm a thing.

05-Oct-2018 18:13:15

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