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Mining and Smithing Beta Hub!

UPDATE: We've been making updates to the beta all week, check the post below for all the information about them!

Hey Team!

So, you may have heard of this thing we've been working on, something we're incredibly proud of, and it was voted on by you...

YES, that's right the
Mining and Smithing Beta
is now

What's that, you want to try it out? Well, here you can!

All you need to do is click me , and this will boot up the M&S BETA world.

You can log in using your existing account. The beta is free to play for all players (even brand new accounts) but once you're in the beta, everyone counts as a member. Progress on the beta worlds is completely separate to progress on your real account. We've also turned on the in-game features of Runemetrics so you can easily track your XP/hour.

While you're on the beta world, you can set your stats and give yourself items using the NPCs so you can test out every level. You can also DIY to get that realistic levelling experience. Talk to Doric to learn more about the mechanics.

For the duration of the beta you'll be locked to one small area and won't be able to access other content in the rest of the world.

Do you crave comprehensive detail? The design documents for the rework have been updated to reflect the changes we've made in the last few months. Read the gory details here.

Please use this thread to give us any feedback as we will be monitoring it closely. You can also tweet us, our twitters are below. :)

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the following (but don't worry about covering all of it!)


• The Ore Bag
• The feel of Mining AFK vs attentive
• The speed at which you collect ore
• Non-competitive ore rocks
• Rockertunities


• The feel of Smithing AFK vs attentive
• Smithing using supplies from the hopper
• The speed at which you create equipment
• Upgrading your equipment
• Decorating your equipment
• Heating equipment as you smith it via the forge
• New tiers of Ore and Metals

And, of course, we want to know how much you enjoyed the skills, as well as any other feedback you have.

Cheers, and enjoy!

Mods Jack, Deg, Tomb, Shogun and Meadows
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Mod Meadows

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UPDATE: We've made a few changes to the Mining and Smithing Beta based off your feedback, try them out and tell us what you think.

16th Feb Update!

Your firemaking level now affects the heat mechanic!
- Your maximum heat is now (300 + 3 times your firemaking level + 3 times your smithing level)
- When heating you now gain (50 + Half your firemaking level + Half your smithing level) heat per tick.
- You can set your firemaking level using the lamp.

Max has opened a Boost shop next to the poll booth!
- Visible stat boosts work with mining and smithing.
- We've added skillcapes and boosts for
- Mining
- Smithing
- Firemaking
- Agility
- Strength

Coal now has an extra use!
- A smithing auto-heater has been added (Find it in your bank, or the boost shop)
- This works while in your inventory, or in your pocket slot
- When you run out of heat while smithing this will consume a coal from your hopper and refill your heat to 33% of your maximum heat.

We've added a "No Ore, Double XP" Pickaxe!
- Its been added to your bank, but is also available in the pickaxe shop.
- It gives no ore, but double xp.
- Rockertunities do NOT work with this pickaxe

Rockertunities have some tweaks!
- Rockertunities now give extra progress as well as extra experience
- BUGFIX : Rockertunities lootbeams now loop correctly

Smithing flow has had some changes
- Using a smithed item on a forge or anvil now opens make X at the next upgrade.
- Smithing xp is now given consistently throughout item creation, rather than a big lump when you complete your item

13th Feb Update!

Based on feedback, we've made rockertunities much easier to see. Click the loot beams for much faster mining XP!

Based on feedback, we've increased the maximum heat by 3 points per smithing level. Now you don't have to reheat your items as often.

We've added feedback showing that high heat gives faster XP, and you can no longer hand in higher level decorated items than you can smith.

Cheers, and enjoy!

Mods Jack, Deg, Tomb, Shogun and Meadows
@JagexJack @JagexDeg @JagexTomb @JagexShogun @JagexMeadows
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Seems like mining the ore is too slow, maybe you could decrease the time it takes to get ore by about 1/3 or maybe even more? Or does having a higher level pick help with that?

12-Feb-2018 14:36:17

Mod Jack

Mod Jack

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CEA said:
Seems like mining the ore is too slow, maybe you could decrease the time it takes to get ore by about 1/3 or maybe even more? Or does having a higher level pick help with that?

Having a higher mining level, and having a higher tier pickaxe, both increase the rate at which you get ore. You also get faster ore at high level if you play less AFK.

12-Feb-2018 14:39:47

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A few thoughts:

+ Ores need to indicate clearly how much they each fill the ore bag. Maybe add a tooltip to each ore which is visible only when the ore bag is in your inventory?

+ Maybe add a subtle click sound whenever you've mined one ore (i.e. progress bar is full)

EDIT: + An option for the progress bar to be visible at all times while mining, currently it can fade away if no progress is made

E2: +Bring back a 'prospect rock' option we had back in the early days of RS2, this would act as a more detailed "examine" option which would give more info in a neat UI window regarding the rock, progress per ore, recommended picaxe, and possibly more.

E3: Currently adding ores to the bag doesn't update the capacity of the bag without rehovering

E4: Reheating feels like a forced mechanism. I really don't see why it's necessary.

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Dear j-mods, i got a slight problem with the betá. It contains a memory leak that causes the betá to generate a heap corruption error. This means i cant play the betá for more then few minites at a time. Window 10 automaticly shuts down the game the moment the heap corruption accures. yeah, no.

12-Feb-2018 14:43:20

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My first feedback - it's good. I'm enjoying it, personally.

It makes hard work feel rewarded, but I think it would be a good idea to use lower levelled bars with the newer ores to make the high levelled equipment, such as using a rune bar with the three level 90 ores to make the base item before upgrading it with just the higher ores.

Mining needs to be changed slightly - it currently rewards spam clicking. I like how it gives room to include items that boost mining differently, making things that speed up mining feel more meaningful.

Edit: It's nice being able to right-click "in progress smithing object" to see the progress and heat, but it would be better if it was mouse-over text.
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Im Rubic

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I'm going to be training on the beta from level 1, and then work on various interactions from there.

• Difficult to identify smoking rocks.
• No single interface for smithing objects (like live).
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