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Last year i heard that Jagex have plans for dynamic weather system in RS still we get this update or it's canceled? It would be really amazing update.

11-Feb-2018 16:27:00 - Last edited on 11-Feb-2018 16:29:28 by WinterLight

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Steelweaver said:
I think they bumped it back indefinitely due to the backlashes on the update cycle last year.

"Guys we here you,.. so to apologise for the lack of updates, we're going to postpone this update as well." - Doesn't make much sense. But then there is a precedent for that kind of thing.

Shame, one of the few updates I was excited about.

17-May-2018 17:47:41

Uncle Pob

Uncle Pob

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Would be cool, as long as it's toggleable.

Those of us on lower-end systems would get major lag and FPS issues is certain weather conditions, just like we currently do with shadows. And just like shadows, it sounds more of a visual thing rather than something that affects gameplay so it probably could get a toggle.

I recall the snow affect at last Christmas's event caused a good deal of slowdown for some people, and there were lots of complaints about it. If that happened all over the world, and people couldn't even choose to not be at the Varrock GE to keep their frame rates up, the only possible outcome would be that lots of people wouldn't be able to play and would have to quit.

19-May-2018 04:22:06

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