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>an event that encourages making an unrealistic amount of alts to have a fair chance at a reward because others get no repercussions for rigging it even though there are rules in place against rigging things with alts

>event is "more popular"

Just sayin'.

EDIT: So... support. :P
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Draco Burnz said:
Kamil said:
Just saying that this isn't easily achievable thus i see this having some impact on the problem.

Likw how you dont explain how it wont...

So i ask, how do you suppose it wont?
Uhh, Draco, their point is that it WOULD have an impact, not that it won't. I'll just assume you meant the opposite. Everybody makes typographical errors, no biggie.

It's simple, really. 1000 total level and 40 quest points may not be difficult to achieve, but it does take some time, especially if you're trying to do so with a large number of alts. Sure it won't stop EVERYONE from cheating to boost their chances for rewards, but it will help a lot. Higher prerequisites would result in even less alt-rigging, of course.
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