New Resource Dungeon at 100

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Revistronic said:
Whilst on the face of it this seems like a "good" update, It just seems like a really lazy update with next to no effort to implement.

1. We don't need any more dark beast locations...
2. On task its easy to find a free abyssal demon world in kuradels dungeon.
3. Off task abyssal demons are always packed in slayer tower by max players semi/AFKing for Invention xp and money. This update just means that the resource dungeon will just be the same as the tower as generally anyone doing the demons off task is 100+dung anyway.
4. Its just another way for maxed combat players bring AFK cash into the game of which there is already the top floor of the tower for.
5. At least as it stand the players wanting to do the demons have to search for a world and potentially compete for a spot at the demons.

Pretty poor resource dungeon IMO, if I want to kill DBs ill go to temple of light, if I want to kill abby demons I'll go to Kuradels dungeon.

Well i for one couldnt be happier with the new dgs as the more the merrier.
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06-Mar-2019 11:45:20

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