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Pink Shed

Pink Shed

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Skill: Slayer
Type: Either
Description: (Just some random ideas) Access to an extra Prefer & Block slot/Higher chance of receiving a task on your Prefer list/Increased chance at obtaining a soul in a ushabti

22-May-2018 20:23:51

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Skill: Quest
Type: Master
Description: Ability to place a Gatestone and teleport back to it using the MQC. This can be restricted to the surface world and non-combat zones only, as well as limited by a cooldown timer or limited number of uses per day to balance its fairness as needed.

23-May-2018 04:35:37

i DI3D 2

i DI3D 2

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Skill: Combat Skills
I want to see all combat skills start to get more custom, let players have a couple options to chose from like a "skill tree" starting at 99 and going to 120 , 1 level is 1 point.
In all honesty the best reward will include not an increase in exp rates and/or money , but being able to have more "role playing effect" in game. Yes its nice to have balance between all players but eventually we want something more, other than just more FASHIONSCAPE.
Let the grind reward you better...
An example for skill tree would be , lets say, Range. At 99 you can pick between Acc upgrades, power upgrades, or a tank upgrade. Every level you pick between which you want to upgrade for a small increase in each. At 120 it unlocks a skill of your most upgraded stat. (either a power ability , accuracy based ability, or tank based ability)

24-May-2018 01:50:46



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Valdar Sai said:
Skill : Dungeoneering
Type (Master or 99 Perk) : Master
Description : Ability to choose which boss is faced once per day
Alternate Description: Ability to skip a puzzle room or skill door once per day

I'm aware aat this is alreidy covered by the aura and the elite outfit. I mean these tae be in addition tae those benefits, nae as a replacement ae them i.e. owning the aura at 120 Dung means 2 boss choices per day/owning the outfit at 120 dung means 2 doors per floor

there is already that perk thing.. with aura tier 2

31-May-2018 14:17:39

Fake Poohies

Fake Poohies

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Since there are actually 3 120 skill atm lets focus on these

INVENTION - 10% chance of obtaining an additional perk when disassembling items. also a 1% chance of scavenging granting an additional item per a rank.

DUNGEONEERING - Grants the ability of Shadow silk hood and ability to bind an additional potion.

SLAYER - Increased chance of spawning superior variants of slayer creatures if applicable.

03-Aug-2018 22:02:28



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Hello mods i wanted to ask if one of you can ask jagex if they can make an update to toggle rest mode if its not to big of a burden thank you thought that this would be a good suggestion for all players Lost soulz

13-Oct-2018 20:13:44



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While I looove some of the newer cape perks some of them still could use a breath of fresh air. They could be OP, but Strength has that amazing perk of elongating the dismember ability, right?

here are some of my proposals for a few:

Master HP: 2% chance for food to heal you 5% more including Brews.

Master: Firemaking: 2% Chance to extend the duration of your bonfire HP boost by 5% upon receiving it

Master Magic: Adds 2 seconds to Combust Ability OR 2% chance to save runes when casting a spell

Master Ranged: Adds 2 seconds to Fragmentation Shot Ability OR 2% higher chance to save materials than an Ava's Alerter

These are some of my ideas; they're probably too common to reasonably implement, but just proposals! If you have any other ideas, feel free to share!

15-Oct-2018 23:56:36

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