Design: Death of Chivalry 2

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tl;dr: what are some of your thoughts for the design of Death of Chivalry 2?

Note: DOC2 is just a placeholder title.

Basic summary of quest:
Saradomin sends you and Sir Owen to infiltrate the Black Knight Fortress and retrieve the Wand of Resurrection.
Owen is killed, resurrected, killed again, and resurrected again, but this time corrupted
Dawn is found to be the culprit and is killed.
The Wand is retrieved.
Owen and the spirit of Fern prepare for a "journey".
The player char is left with the armor of Captain Dulcin allowing you to infiltrate the BKF at your leisure.

In addition, story elements touch on:
Battle of Lumbridge (a lot has happened since then)
Last Siege of Falador (in books)
Some history of Centaurs during the god Wars
Additional Saradominist history

The primary plot points to continue from the quest are:
Doing something about Sir Owen
Deciding what to do with the Wand of Resurrection

after this, what would you like to see done?

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In a post by Mod Stu on his Twitter (sorry, can't locate it atm), he did give a brief overview of a design where a sequel would go into the player char playing a role in actually helping to solve the future leadership within the Black Knight Fortress.
Allowing you to help decide if they are a more modern "liberal" force (ie: allowing women to command and be more active), more moderate (changes, but not extreme), or more conservative (essentially another Captain Dulcin in charge).

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One possible design could just be to focus solely on the character development (and potential finale?) of Sir Owen, with small bits for giving Fern an appropriate send off as well, a they try to do something to help the centaur race using the Wand of Ressurection.

A plot point to address early is Owen's corruption.
The ques could be agnostic to Sliskes Endgame, but it had been about 6 years since DOC was released.
- quest starts with a fight against Owen where corruption had taken over
- a grouo has been secretly helping Owen with treatment and meditation, but it is only a stop gap that is losing effect
- he had been put in some form of stasis (willingly or accidental) and has been left there (no onecwas aware, no one knows how to get him out, the corruption spread and keeping him in stasis was seen merciful ... Especially if no one else thinks he can be 'cured')

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This could be awesome. Hopefully we can finally save the sweepers!

Please tell me how to find more info on this.
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