Next skill?

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Sailing could actually be cool

But what I think would be a nice skill is Spellcrafting. An elite skill enabling you to invent new spells (think powerful combat spells and handy teleports) and create your own spellbook with these spells.

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We're more likely so see more skills hit 120 with another rework before getting another skill (if ever)

Plus a lot of concepts can also easily get put into an existing skill.
Magic and crafting for example are so broad ... (Magic has combat, teleportation, alchemy, enchantment) Crafting has glassmaking, leather working, jewelry, pottery.
"Animal Husbandry" (whatever names you want to use) more or less became Player Owned Farms and an extension of Farming.

Necromancy could just be a hybrid of magic or summoning,or even just one of them.

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I think the next skill could possibly be music or bard, itís feasible to implement and would come with a host of content unlike stuff already in game.

Deltaslug said:
in b4 Dungeoneering 2.0: The Riding Skill.
Players can only ride animals in a very specific location and can only utilize the creatures there.
We already have the riding skill in terrorbird mounts.:P

02-May-2020 07:56:29

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Jamzi said:
The next skill.......... if it is anything like archeology they can keep it as that is no skill.

Really, that's a bad trend.
Archeology and Dungeoneering are glorified minigames. Invention was just grasping at straws because it could have easily been diluted between its feeder skills.
PoPs were added to prevent sailing from being added and going the same route.

While I like Divination, I feel like it's shallow enough that it should have just merged with Runecrafting, which itself is one of the worst skills looks at firemaking

Maybe there could be some sort of foraging skill that ties in with herblore, cooking and hunter.

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