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RobbyáPinky said:
There are some ideas I've got in my mind for some time

Sailing - Mix of POP, Temple trekking and Uncharted isles, elite skill (construction, fishing, agility or possibly new exploration skill)

Exploration - Search for hidden areas and objects, solve mysteries and micro quests, research the all possible informations about Runescape.

Merchanting/Trading - inspired by other games, make local goods and manage the trade routes

Collector - obtain various rare items from all other skills and manage your collections. Not sure if it's still relevant after release of archaeology :/

Hmm....Elite skill Sailing, Requirements 80 archaeology, 80 construction, maybe another skill but rest of the skills you mentioned could be optional bonuses for more GP/hour if you have them. Also Req unlocking Player Owned Island (all player owned stuff merged together with a trading area of course) and bonus islands from arc/POP from completion of finding the islands (make pop easier since the gear isn't as good now a days)

^questline to start it, either fix up the ship from dragon slayer, or you help Murphy and he gives you his ship to keep/just use, he can work on your island and maybe an upgrade to fishing trawler minigame as obviously story line wise Murphy won't loan/give ship for nothing but better fish etc.

Rest you mentioned could then be added into it.

09-Sep-2020 19:56:26

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Thank you for your reaction :)

Mentioned skills for sailing are meant to be the closest skills needed for sailing profession. Construction for constructing ships, agility to operate the ship and fishing because it's the skill closest related with water and oceans.

The rest of proposed skills is hard to sumarize, as they are somewhat related with unreleased skills or reworks

Idea of Exploration skill is to introduce it as non-elite support skill to acompany Sailing (similar like divination and invention). Meanwhile sailing would affect your ship and crew statistics and your port upgrades, exploration would affect where you can actually sail to, which objects you can interact to, or what events you can trigger. There would be some retroactive xp for exploration skill for everyone who complete some specific "exploration content" in the past. Exploration levels should works as limiting factor for sailing that is connected with player ability to play trough various different content (Arc, Menaphos, Prifddinas, Anachronia etc.)

Merchanting skill is skill about making specific local trade goods and their distribution across the lands by the trade routes. Building and managing warehouses and trade wagons, hiring different workers etc. The outcome could be the new special currency similar to OSRS platinum tokens and new merchants/shops with interesting supplies. It's a item sink skill and somewhat passive moneymaker, with possibility to play trough trade runs manually. I'll try to post complex skill suggestion in the future.

Collecting skill is closely related with my Construction rework idea and it can be connected with possible ingame TCG and is closely related with exploration skill too. My old idea was very similar to the one we have now with archeology, but it was connected with almost every skill in game. There could be tradeable special items obtained from various activities, sorted into collections and even displayed in your POH (for bonuses in related skills).

15-Sep-2020 16:17:33

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Another idea that crossed my mind recetly is connected with crafting and the fact that the skill is too general and it obviously hit the ceiling recently.

Jagex actually said that there are plans to make Runecrafting more relevant crafting skill for magic, so we can see some nice changes here in the future.

But what about
(different name possible?) as the new and serious elite skill. You would need like 80 crafting, 80 smithing and 80 runecrafting. There is plethora of possible craftable items and 2 new item slots - second ring and trinket. There could be possibility to have 2 rings now (only customised versions with halved stats and the same passive effects)
New rings + custom version of rings
Trinkets - consumable items with various effects (skilling autoalch, auto dissassemble etc.)
Brooches - (made from another alchemical gems)
Sceptres etc. - skilling offhands
Augumentable new necklaces

15-Sep-2020 16:39:00

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I like partnerships concept by Dilbert2001 but I have a better name for the next skill:


Note: this skill will act a little bit like Dungeoneering in the sense that, people can team up with each other or can choose to go alone. But, make the skill in such a way that at higher levels it's best to work together in teams. This will increase player-to-player interactions.

This skill might be the first skill in the history of Runescape that will use a lot of others skills to proceed forward with levels.

What's the skill about? - it's literally what the name means. It will cover all the areas in the entire Runescape map. Players will have to discover new items, items that had been lost in Runescape world until now! Players will be forced to work in teams - woodcut to access new areas, let's bring forest fires in this game. You would need to light up fires to clear the areas, agility update in a way that now you can use agility to help teammates reach from one area to another, like a sling shot, rope climbing, etc. Mining rocks again to clear areas, smithing to make tools on the spot because you won't be able to carry your own weapons due to weight constraints.

Bottom line: this will be the first skill of runescape that will bring back entire Runescape community together because the only way to level up is through talking with players and discovering new areas together.

This is just a high-level overview of this skill. Imagine discovering new areas, new items, and basically imagine this - again tons and tons of players meeting at grand exchange this time to make teams and go on discovery missions.

The levelling up in this skill would be drastically different than the other normal skills present in the game. Initially small discoveries will take around 1-2 hours to complete. Once you progress, at a later levels, you'd be spending 24-48 hours per level (large discovery).

Imagine the player-to-player interaction that this skill will bring into the game.

06-Oct-2020 22:54:47

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Honestly, I think that archaeology was a test bed. They wanted to see how well received a more lore-based skill would do when it primarily served as an unlock tool for OTHER skills. I think we are going to start to see expansion on skills until most creation skills have an "Ancient" subset. ie - Ancient Summoning, Ancient Smithing, Ancient Crafting, Ancient Herblore (which is already coming with Orthen I think), Ancient Runecrafting (maybe released alongside a 120 magic / combat release with Ancient smithing/fletching/crafting for the 120 melee and range?)

09-Oct-2020 14:16:46

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