RuneScape coming to Steam

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Instead of Runescape mobile, Runescape on Steam etc, I would prefer if they fixed their fucking game as constantly having to wait 1 hour before I can continue playing is pissing me off.

They are aware of the issue, but seems they can't be arsed fixing it...

27-Sep-2020 16:58:10

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Conformed said:
Dilbert2001 said:
YaáimáSleepy said:
is the runescape launcher still going to be a thing or am i going to have to get steam

rs is the only game i play really so iv never had a need for steam

You don't need to install Steam. The official client still works the same way. :)

You don't have to, but I'd highly recommend it. There's a lot of cool features on Steam and no real downside to not to installing it. Up to you of course, but the more people that launch RS through Steam, the more popular RS will become due to Steam's game ranking system/algorithm :)

Steam also has other features good to some kinds of players too. For example, I can probably trade a Zombie Walk for a CSGO skin at a certain point through its real money player trading service.

27-Sep-2020 17:06:43

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