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Hello community,

I heard a friend in-game talking about Jagex working on RuneScape4.
Not sure if that is true, because i got no other source then that friend.

But let's say if RuneScape 4, at some point will get pushed:

- Would it be like Classic, where you could transfer option account to RuneScape 2?
- Or would it be like Runescape 2, where changed in-game are made, and accounts are still active in RuneScape 3?

Might sound silly, but this is kind of important for me personally.
Because if RuneScape 4 might one day will be alive, and RuneScape 3 accounts have no option to transfer to RuneScape 4..
..then i would really lack the motivation to continue playing at this moment.

This topic might sound far fetched, and is really vague, based on assumptions.
Still my concern remains, that my account will one day be E.O.L (end of life).

Feel free to post your opinions, about RuneScape 3 accounts getting E.O.L at some point regarding future big game updates.

14-Oct-2021 06:07:51

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