What's in pof nerf?

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Vengeance of
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Vengeance of

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To my knowledge, the last we heard was this:

Original message details are unavailable.
- Experience from Player Owned Farms is now modified by the health and happiness of the animal on checking, ranging from 10% to 70% of the original value, based on how well cared for the animal is.
- Breeding in non-breeding pens is 5 times less likely to succeed and 5 times slower, the current breeding rate remains the same in the breeding pen.
- Food rate has been modified, so small animals each need 1 food every 18 minutes, medium animals need 3 food every 36 minutes and large animals each 6 food every 54 minutes.
- Trait hereditary nature has been increased. It is now easier to breed traits into animals born on the Player Owned Farm.
- Shiny boosting traits have all been doubled in effectiveness.

But, supposedly, they've made changes in response to the wildly negative reaction to these plans. AFAIK they've never come out and said exactly what they've changed.

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Indy Cision
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Indy Cision

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They were re-proposed and confirmed, but again only on reddit or twitter.
I found the post through Loki's "social media news" thread in the RS general forum. Can't remember specifics, other than:

Food is 1 per hour instead of current 1 per 2 hours.
XP is capped at 50% of current values, but will now be affected by XP modifiers.
Breeding values weren't as harsh as the initial proposal.
Beans are not being touched.

11-Sep-2019 07:27:19

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Pof got me 110-119 farming but that took me over a year. As long as magic beans and mxt still exist xp rates will still be overinflated. Seeds will still be worthless because of magic beans. The brightest ideas are the most undervalued.

11-Sep-2019 12:44:10

Vengeance of
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Vengeance of

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Good news! Jagex has now published their new plans in an easy to digest visual form. Much better than the original plans, thank goodness.

There's still a few things I'm not fond of (I'm not sure if a blanket 50% XP nerf is necessary when the problem is mostly isolated to a select few animals, I'm still not convinced that nerfing breeding outside of the breeding pen is necessary when the Collector can only gather from the breeding pen, and I don't know if a blanket 1 food/hour per animal is the right choice when, AFAIK, small animals are already in a pretty good place while it's the bigger ones that could probably have used it-- also I'm thinking Zygos are pretty much done for since shrooms are the most time-intensive to harvest and you'd basically have to harvest a full Uncharted shroom patch per day to feed a full Zygo pen), but overall I'm much happier with how this is looking.

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Purple R0gue
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Purple R0gue

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"We’ve taken on board as much feedback as possible from the forums, Discord, Twitter, and Reddit - and we've even spoken face to face with some of our most dedicated players."

These issues should have been polled INGAME before being implemented, like they are in osrs. It's the only true way to accurately gauge player feedback.

Not everyone posts on discord, reddit or twitter, I can't be the only one.

Breeding outside breeding pens slowed, up to 300% for large pens. As if animals would do that in nature, what a stupid idea jagex. GF on getting dragonsworn, which I still need.

Disgusted with this nerf.

12-Sep-2019 13:35:01

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