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So it seems like there are still at least 3 issues with the bank that this blog doesn't cover:

1. Bank fillers; where are they?

2. The bank system sometimes has annoying delays when moving items; will this be fixed?

3. Bank space; the maximum amount of bank space should be completely free for paying members.

Other than that, you're years late with this, but you damn better deliver late than never. :P

EDIT: And further on:

4. What about being able to have separate stacks of the same item on different tabs? E.g. main cash stack on one tab and a separate cash stack for a loot tab.
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"Please note: It goes without saying everything you read below is a work in progress and could be subject to change at any time."

Serious question, can you confirm or deny if this includes the bank rework being re shelved?

16-May-2019 14:04:32

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would love to see an auto sort feature that allows us to share how we have sorted our banks with friends (a bit like the action bar) - Any items that you own that weren't in the bank of the 'shared' organised bank would remain unsorted in a separate tab.

16-May-2019 14:06:58

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