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Megas XLR
Apr Member 2017

Megas XLR

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Hey people,

Do you reckon we would ever see outfits like Demonflesh or Colossus in the Solomon's General Store ever again?

I personally would love to get hold of some of the older items no longer on the store.

And for example, the demonflesh book now lacks an outfit to complete it.

Anyone got a clue?


21-Sep-2018 16:42:03

Aug Member 2010


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Sharp-shin said:
If Jagex stays true to its word, no. Discontinued items are meant to be discontinued.

You forget a key part.
They did say they wont return.
Discontinue does not mean they will not return.

22-Sep-2018 13:05:11

Demonic Path
Dec Member 2017

Demonic Path

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Yea I put in effort to get the full astromancer outfit because it was "limited edition" then they just turn around and give it away again. Stopped caring about this stuff along time ago
Hmmm.. that you Zaros?

22-Sep-2018 16:30:49

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