Spider leg pc v2

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manyádrops said:
Do you guys think the current fang price makes it worth putting up with bs bleeds and maging rax? Might finally be a good use for seis

tried it, it was awful.

got a bottom from it so i cant complain, but it genuinely feels more awkward and unpleasant than learning melee. this was 1/3 path 3 though, so i think that what made it so bad was the minions spawning and just wrecking me. im awful with magic, so my phase 3 was super long because i couldnt do enough damage in phase 1. the armour affinity for range or melee is fantastic against minions, whereas mage is forced to kinda deal with it until theyre dead, taking away from dpsing araxxor.

im hoping getting a good ability rotation down on 2/3 will make it better.
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16-May-2016 10:59:53

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