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I'm just starting to get into selling 3t black drags and zygos, and I dont know what they are selling for.
I'll have pairs as well as solos.
Is it worth making them all studly or just selling them as whatever 3t they come with.
Any and all advice will help.

09-Aug-2019 18:33:02

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The answer will change when the POF nerf goes live. Pricing depends on perks.

Perfect dragon pair (3 breaths, 2 rads, 1 gen insta/glist) is roughly 8m
Perfect zygo pairs are about 12m (i believe perfect for then is spark/glist/rad on both, but also whatever the no food rolls are, something like joyful and immune)
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09-Aug-2019 18:40:15

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re: "perfect" cause that really depends...
my farm the way I want it is
2 pair gold chin studly, genetic instability, radiant
2 pair magical arc zygo studly, genetic instability, radiant (they dont have a high breed rate and need that studly on each)
2 pair royal w/ split:
breath, breath, radiant
breath, genetic instability, radiant
^ note that dragons have a natural super high breed success chance and dont need studly

having to stop and do eieio right quick I had six rax spiders all sparkling, glistening, radiant cause I wanted shiny and done.

and yeah right now... a really good pair of breeding cows will cost you more than dragons.

the best answer is to check the fcs, talk to folks on w2, and make a choice about yer money or your time. good luck. there was a price check thread when po farm started but I dont think I ought to gravebump it. we needed that when first royal sold for a billion on reddit. the point I, and others, tried to argue is that the traits held the value because of beans and dice, and thats still kinda true, but it still depends on what you want to do with the animal. if yer buyin dont get bullied, and if yer sellin tell people thanks for looking, and dont get flamey. thats been my mantra anyway.
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