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This thread is dedicated to following the price of watermelons.
A bit of history about the price of watermelons:In the old days when rs3 was still just rs and fun watermelons used to have a price of around 1k ea. Buying watermelon seeds and selling the melons was a decent way to get farming xp from the crop patches. This was about 12 years ago. Slowly the value of watermelons started to drop till they reached a low of around 25 ea 2-3 years ago. Since then the price has remained subdued with the occasional spike to around 200 ea, Recently,before the POF update,watermelons where trading at around 50 ea.

Since the release of the POF update the demand and the price for watermelons has skyrocketed. There was a short stop around 100 and 174 proved to be a big hurdle with a large volume of watermelons being sold. Still the price broke 174 relatively easily and then met the next hurdle,199. 199 did get some investors scared and 1-2 days ago someone dumped a large amount of melons for 100 ea in the ge. The market however was able to not only absorb the supply,but also easily break the 199 barrier.

De instand buy price (b) as of now is 249 (b) I did not test the instant sell price so there is still some work to do.

What the melons will do from here is a mystery,maybe the demand will stay strong for a long time and melons can go 1kea or even higher. On the other hand the demand might drop in which case the melons will most likely make a severe drop.

Post your price updates in this thread.
Discussion about collecting and investing in watermelons is also welcome. I do have a decent collection myself (not for sale) but I am aware of far bigger collections.

(yes I am bit bored,pls don't close and let me have some fun with this)

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