How famous are you in ID? V4

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I've decided to continue my ‘How famous are you in Item Discussion’ thread because theres so many newfish in Item Discussion now.

Just like before, you rate on the never ending scale of 1 to 10, 1 being "Who are you?" to 10 being "I see you all over this forum!", so get boosting peoples egos and then slashing them back down again.

Previous thread owners to my knowledge, rangedaddy9 & Trowr11111.

Stay on-topic please, otherwise you will be dealt with.

Take note that the rating system is SPECIFICALLY for the Item Discussion Forum NOT for the Forums in general.

If you enjoy this type of thread then you might be interested in:

~Item Discussion Chat Lounge~ - Quick find code: 17-18-58-64484091

Some basic rules:

- Please do not rate the person back who has just rated you - if you're wondering why your rating is low then ask them while you rate someone else

- Be friendly and don't spam, flame or troll.

30-Mar-2014 23:24:45

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10 to everyone except Dodo.

'I would sail across the east šea
Just to see you on the far side
,' ,’‘, ',
Where the wind is cold and angry
,¹'¹·.' ,'
There you'll be able to take me insidé '.,¸¸, '

30-Mar-2014 23:38:21

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