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Welcome to the
Low Volume
Item Status Rares thread! The purpose of this thread is to get an accurate recent price of items and allow discussions for items traded at a Low Volume.

Main Items include:

Hero Items

Tavias | Hazelmere | Orlandos

Low Volume Drops

Purple Mushroom | Merethiel's Stave | Shadowy Egg | Abomination Cape

Low Volume Drops 2
Swordy McSwordFace | Mimic Plushie | Mimic Tongue Cape

Demonic Title Scrolls

Castellan | Executioner | Corrupting | Blazing | Deacon | Frostborn | Obscured | Pestilent | Rending | Shattering | Terrifying | Deciever


extending to future low-volume items/other low volume items.

Prices will be obtained from various players, forums, and friends chats. Everyone is encouraged to report their transactions to keep the community informed.

Prices may be reported using the "B" and "S" system OR decimals

B = instant buy / non instant sell (and rounds up to the nearest million)
S = instant sell / non instant buy (and rounds down to the nearest million)
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