Warpriest Gear Drop Rates

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So I'm rather curious about the "Increased drop chance if the set was previously bought during the World Event" mechanic:

Say I missed the event (The Bird and the Beast, for example), but I acquired the full set of Warpriest of Armadyl as drops from Aviansies/Kree'arra.

Would that then change the drop rate to reflect it as though I had previously bought it, or will I forever never be able to obtain the increased drop chance?

Likewise say I participated in the Battle of Lumbridge event and bought the full set of Warpriest of Saradomin. Would the increased drop chance apply to the Warpriest of Zamorak pieces?

(It is unfortunate, but I was unable to participate in The Bird and the Beast event when it occurred in the past, thus I was unable to buy the set. I've just been wondering if it's one of those "Well if you missed it, you're punished." situations.)
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It's not an "if you missed it, you're punished"'s "if you missed it, you don't get a bonus". Not getting a bonus =/= being punished.

And based on the woding, you had to buy the pieces in the events.
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14-Aug-2019 04:06:19

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