Plz ban this dude for racistThread is locked

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01-Apr-2018 22:56:52



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"Don't target specific players with accusations." -Code of Conduct
Also, you're in the wrong section of the forums as this isn't a compliment.

If there's a problem of someone being racist, then you can report them for offensive language in-game. It helps, and they typically get punished within 48 hours from what I've seen.

You can also ignore haters as I don't think they provide any value. That's my advice to you from player to player. Have a happy Easter! :)

02-Apr-2018 01:06:10

Ms Toxicity
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Ms Toxicity

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Vynhelon, I can see that you are a new user to the forums. As mentioned by Krusade above, players are not permitted to post accusations of in-game misconduct here in the forums. For this reason, yoiur thread is now closed and the opening post removed.

Please follow the advice offered above and report the alleged offender in-game. Your report will capture the evidence Jagex requires to act. Similarly, you can use your
list, to mute the player. By adding him/her to that list, you will not see any chat in any of the modes.

Before you post again, please make sure that the topic you wish to discuss is appropriate. Avoid posting this content (or similar) again.

02-Apr-2018 12:14:05

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