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Mod Bond

Mod Bond

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Hi all :)
A quick question for our players:-
What is your favourite RuneScape Music?
We await your replies with eager anticipation...! :)
Mod Bond and the Audio Team

09-Feb-2011 14:54:01

Lil Jayman
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Lil Jayman

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I wish I could say I listen to them :( I've muted the RS music, and generally just stick to listening to the radio or Top Hit's of the Billboards.
Don't quit your day job :p I see a lot of people on the forums loving what you do, and quite frequently post to either hear more tunes, download them, and or meet the ones who create them :)

09-Feb-2011 18:33:22

Apr Member 2011


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Animal Apogee hands down.
Dungeoneering music is awesome too. If only there was a grammy award category for the internet, I bet your staff would win :). Extremely well done, and fits the mood perfectly.
But I have one important question:
Are you planning to upgrade the instruments? If so, are you able to say when?
Instruments need a massive upgrade, and I think it would be amazing if they did. I know you can do it now that you upgraded the ambient noises (AMAZING btw, now i always play with ambient sounds on.)
Thanks in advance, and if you don't answer, thanks for reading :)
Keep Calm and Preserve On

09-Feb-2011 23:47:05

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