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Quick find code: 181-182-691-66011747



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Hi everyone happy to say i have been motivated to do more thieving i started at 70 and i am now at 86 this is a huge improvement for the community and is really is a motivation skill now keep the great work up jagex and pmod and jmod ! Silent92Star:)

13-May-2018 00:49:17

Rev The Wiz
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Rev The Wiz

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Safe cracking is awesome! It has encouraged me to train Thieving again as well. I kinda got tired of being whacked after attempting to pickpocket an NPC ...

I've started to gain levels daily now. I don't think I'll be able to complete this master clue in my bank if it wasn't for this update. Thanks Jagex :D.
of Silent Knight

20-May-2018 13:38:49

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