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NausicaaH1me said:
I'm worried that Runescape might be shutting down. Rs3 that is. Older players have told me that this game is dying and so I wonder if Jagex knows this too and they might say goodbye to Rs3 officially sometime in the next few years.
My worries stem from the fact that Jagex has said goodbye to Runescape Classic.
I'm guessing it's because not enough people are playing it. To my understanding, Runescape isn't what it was many years ago as far as how large their active playerbase is. I know nothing lasts forever, but I truly love this game and I pray that it is in good health.

Hopefully Jagex still has more than enough money coming in to keep this game going for many more years to come! At least 10 more years lol.

I'm a new player so I need a lot of time to enjoy this game.
It wont die as long as you're feeding them your money ;)

24-May-2018 07:10:09

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