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Hybrid Armour potions and possibly Hybrid weapon Potions as well?

Hi, I am not sure if there is a thread on this already.

I feel a potion to make the armour we are wearing to become hybrid to one or more other combats would be valuable in today's combat. The creatures we combat on a regular basis often switch between combats and being able to counteract this with a Hybrid potion could be a lifesaver.

There would be a huge away of potions available depending on the type of Armour, Weapons and level you are after.

The potions would work in the same manner as anti-fire/super anti-fire potions, as you fight slowly the hybrid effect will wear off. Your main outfit/weapon will always be the stronger component, your main outfit/weapon will not be affected by the potion it will always do what it was made to do and act in the same manner it was made to act in. The secondary outfit/weapon (Hybrid) will never be as strong as the main outfit/weapon it will always be slightly under the strength of your main outfit/weapon which also depends on the strength of the position - Hybrid potion or super Hybrid.

There are two or three types of Hybrid potions, that being Hybrid potion and Super Hybrid potion, maybe even a third position for 90 and above?? So we have Hybrid potions for low, medium and high-level.

You can make two-tier and three-tier Hybrid armour/weapon potions. Tier one potions would hybrid two combat styles together, tier three potions would hybrid three combat styles together.

Dependent on your herblore to what potions you can make. I feel this too may needs to be unlocked through Dungeoneering??

I feel the potion bottles need to be large 6 - 8 doses per bottle.

To make the potions is not going to be cheap or easy it may need lots of items dependent on the potion level you are making. Grinding down elder rune, blood from the bloodwood tree, I don't know Jagex will need to make the potions adequate for each type of Hybrid potion.

I will leave it at that.
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Hybrid Armour
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That actually sounds like a really interesting and worthwhile idea, especially since the dawn of 120 herb. Support Click here for ideas on exploring other worlds, specifically the human homeworld Teragard. This one's me baby

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