Crafting/Resource Minigames

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Crafting and gathering minigames would provide anything from increased exp, higher yields, and possibly improved item quality over "mass produced" goods and resources.

The Artisans minigame for hammering a sword into the target pattern is an excellent example of this, and I'm really thrilled that the developers are implementing more interactive things like this.

That said, a lot of the skills in the world could benefit from having optional minigames.
Not all players want to be fully absorbed, and like being able to tab out, but some such as myself like to get fully engrossed in the game, and some of the grindy crafting makes that difficult.

Mining, Woodcutting, Fishing, Fletching, Cooking, Runecrafting... These are all some of the skills that could benefit from a 'minigame mode' that provides the aforementioned benefits, with higher level materials providing a greater challenge.

Just to give some rough examples:
A blade moves up and down the vertical axis, you time your clicks to hit the thinnest part of the tree, and then try to keep hitting the same spot.

A grid of rock and ore symbols, you use different vertical swing techniques (3x3, 2x5, 1x7) to clear as much rock as possible without destroying the ores. You 'collect' when you've done the best you can and the score is tallied.

You throw a net at moving fish, it takes time for the net to arrive and land, so you have to guess the best place to throw it so the net lands just as the fish gets there.

You start with a rectangle of wood and a bow stencil, try and scrape the wood away into the correct shape, use a file to smooth down the rough edges to a fine rounded finish.

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I'm glad to hear they have plans for it. I've always hoped to see a fantasy MMO, or any game for that matter, adopt a more hands-on approach to crafting.

In nearly all games, crafting is simply a way to convert hours of resource gathering into a desired object, and is either instant (skyrim), very quick(guildwars), or on a lengthy time-gate(warframe).

It would be fantastic if Runescape could be the first to make the very act of gathering resources and crafting items a game in and of itself.

There's some pretty niche games that went with this concept with crafting, "A Tale in the Desert" probably had the most in-depth crafting I've ever seen, but the game is on an old 2000s engine and otherwise really really bad and is subscription only.

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