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With the new mobile release of RS3, having simple, yet versatile control icons should be a priority. The existing combat method isn't made for mobile.

That being said, I say bring back the core accuracy, strength, and defensive combat styles that all veteran players remember.

A model of what an Offensive-style model could look like:

Accuracy button: spammable and auto-able basic attack
Strength button: a medium/high cooldown Burst-damage ability
Defense button (static): alternates shielding and basic attacks
Evasion button: includes movement dash (melee), brief invisibility (archers), and short teleport (mages)

(this simplifies abilities to 4 hotkeys; merges the old with the new content; HOPEFULLY BRIDGES THE OLD SCHOOL COMMUNITY WITH THE POST-RS-COMBAT UPDATE)

It seems most left simply because the combat interface changed.

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Chompasrs said:
This is a simplified combination of the old and new combat system

Adding modes doesn't simplify anything. Pictures of Mobile with the full manual combat mode seems pretty doable with all buttons located around the corners for easy thumb access.

Also, half of the abilities already require 2h, dual wield or shields.
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