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0. Preamble:

While I don't think f2p needs a constant flow of content, they still should be able to feel their game whole. With most main tier items ranging from tier 1-50 fixed, it now is time to fill in the few remaining missing items, the ability for free ironmen to obtain them themselves and create some more interesting item decisions. Items that have to be obtained from members should be limited to prestige armour (Recolours and Dragonstone) and cosmetics and are a concept that actually could be pursued further. More special armours (tx5, power, hybrid) could be made f2p on certain occasions, but should fittingly included then.

The thread mainly addresses issues in f2p and the beginning level experience, but will benefit members as well with some additional points mainly for the f2p-p2p transition phase, some general QoL changes, improving the entire level flow, rising values of otherwise undemanded items items they can easier come by and a more diverse distributions of equipment and more means of obtaining it for Invention.

1. Skills:

- Allow free players to level p2p only non-elite skills to 20. Make features available to f2p wherever reasonable.
5 is way too low to serve as a good teaser, archaeology did certainly a better job in that aspect.

1.1 Combat:

- Alternative cosmetics skins now always have the stats of their highest +x counterparts
- Corrupt Equipment now lasts for 1 hour and only degrades while fighting
- Add a level adequate health bonus to every tier 70 and higher tank armour (p2p)
- Allow several fitting items to be augmented (Invention Quick Fixes) (p2p)

1.1.1 Melee:

- White Knight Weaponry now includes all standard weapons (p2p)
- Allow free players to play the Recruitment Drive quest and buff Initiate armour to tier 35
- Proselyte armour is buffed to tier 45 (p2p)
Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
Quick Fixes: Invention

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1.1.2 Ranged:

- All Javelins are now two-handed weapons, similar to ranged vanquish or sunspear.
* All existing main-hand and Dragon off-hand versions are automatically converted
- Snakeskin armour is buffed to tier 35
- Arrows and bolts do no longer have a fixed ranged requirements, but rather a potential maximum, similar to food. Secondary requirements (other skills and quests) remain intact.
* See the suggestions on page 18 and 26 to fill out gaps in tierscape for bolts and arrows respectively.

1.1.3 Magic:

- The monster examine spell is now available for all players on any spellbook from level 6 onwards. Its costs are changed to 3 mind runes.
- All strike, bolt, blast, wave and surge spells are now unlocked on the same level, have the same damage potential and only use the elemental rune fitting to them.
- The Fletching skill will introduce an array of staves (see below), ranging from tier 1-60, most of them available to f2p
- Swanky boots re-gain tier 5 stats
- Lesser runic staves are buffed to tier 35 and made available to f2p
- Battlestaves are buffed to tier 45. Make basic ones available to f2p via 'Naff's Knockoff Staves' and single element ones as boss drops
- The (enhanced) ancient staff now has a 50 % chance to refund all catalyst runes used for zarosian spells, as well as increasing their damage dealt by 10 % at all times. It will now count as a zarosian item in the GWD (p2p)
- Mystic staves are buffed to tier 55 (p2p)
- The Master wand and the Mages' book are buffed to tier 65 (p2p)
- God staves are buffed to tier 65 (p2p)

1.1.4 Prayer:

- Make Retribution, Redemption and Smite available to f2p
- Allow free players to learn Chivalry and new ranged/magic equivalents via a skill tome found in the gilded cabbage coffin in the tomb of the fallen. Members can still additionally learn them by completing the Knight Training Grounds.
Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
Quick Fixes: Invention

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1.2 Dungeoneering:

- Free players are granted access to the Varrock Sewer resource dungeon at level 65
- Allow the tome of frost to be equipped in the pocket slot in addition. While equipped there, it just offers its passive effects, but no stat bonuses
- Shieldbow sights can now be applied to any shieldbow, increasing its tier by 5 and its range by 1, introducing tiers for 5, 15, 25, 35 and 75
*Sighted Maple Shieldbows are nerfed to tier 35
*Sighted Strykebows are tier 87 and return the sight upon fully degrading.
- Allow free players to purchase bone crushers and gold accumulators. All upgrades, overcharges and tool belt unlocks remain p2p only.

1.3 Crafting:

- Lapis lazuli are now tradeable semi-precious gems, which can also be found in sedimentary geodes
- Remove all semi-precious gems from igneous geodes (p2p)
- Wooden knots are now tradeable and can also be rarely obtained from regular trees without using the dwarven army axe. The axe now boosts the chance to obtain knots to current rates.
- Free players can now craft and wear lapis lazuli brooches, all silver jewellery and all gold jewellery up to diamond.
- Free players can now enchant opal, emerald, ruby and diamond rings, jade and diamond necklaces, diamond bracelets and red topaz amulets.
- Splitbark armour can now also be crafted with crafting levels between 40 and 50. Wizard Jalarast still offers a paid service for lower leveled players.
- All urns now cover items up to 10, 35, 60, 85 and 120 depending on their tier.
*Remove the crafting level requirement to add a rune to the urn
*Rebalance filling rates and experience reward accordingly to the new top tier item for that urn.
*Smelting urns are upgraded to general purpose smithing urns and award significantly more experience.
Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
Quick Fixes: Invention

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1.4 Cooking:

- Free players can now skewer and roast raw beast, bird and rabbit meat and cook potatoes with butter, egg potatoes and potatoes with cheese and their respective toppings
- Make chocolatey milk tradeable, allow free players to make and use it for chocolate cheesecakes.
- Increase the healing values of the following low and medium levelled foods to the following values: Sardine (300), Herring (400), Cake (400/slice), Rabbit sandwich & Makerel (500), Chocolate cake (500/slice), Roast bird meat & Trout (600), Cod & Roast rabbit (700), Pizza (700/slice), Roast beast meat & Pike (800), Meat pizza (800/slice), Salmon (900), Anchovy pizza (900/slice), Slimy eel (950), Tuna (1000), Rainbow fish (1100), pineapple pizza (1100/slice), Cave eel (1150), Karambwan & Lava eel (1500). The constitution levels required to fully benefit from the foods are increased accordingly.

1.5 Herblore:

- Allow free players to mix strength and defence potions
- Introduce a couple of new low levelled potions. All new materials can now be obtained on free worlds as they can on p2p. Existing stat boosting potions are upgraded to super +5 ones.
* Crafting (2): Guam + Common kebbit fur - +3 boost
* Fletching (6): Tarromin + 10 Red feathers - +3 boost
* Compost (10): Guam + Weeds - existing item
Weeds will be tradeable
* Lesser prayer (14): Marrentil + Snape grass - restores (prayer level*2.5 + 70) prayer points
(Existing) Prayer potions are buffed up to (prayer level*3.0 + 70). This buff also applies to the instant prayer restoration of any combination potion containing them. They now also are sold in limited quantities in the Warriors' Guild.
* Lesser luck (16): Tarromin + Lapis lazuli - Tier 1 luck for 1 hour
* Farming (17): Marrentil + Compost - +3 boost
Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
Quick Fixes: Invention

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1.6 Smithing:

- Players can now learn how to smith defenders they've already obtained once up to rune.
- Allow free players to smith iron spits

1.7 Fletching:

- Change crossbow stocks to fitting to the metal of the respective tier: Bronze-Wooden, Iron-Oak, Blurite-Oak, Steel-Willow, Mithril-Maple, Adamant-Yew, Runite-Magic, Dragon-Elder. Existing teak/mahogany stocks are converted to maple/yew ones.

As we lack many low levelled staves the fletching skill now also allows to fletch staves from any standard log. None of the staves grants elemental runes, nor are orbs able to be attached to them. All Staves need 1 of their respective logs. For balancing reasons fletching staves should give less xp than the combined for fletching and stringing a shieldbow of the same tier.

Please note the numbers are part of our current artisans system, if fletching gets a rework after smithing I will adjust them.

Staff (tier 1): Requires fletching 11, grants 18 xp. This is the staff already ingame.
Oak Staff (tier 10): Requires fletching 26, grants 48 xp.
Willow Staff (tier 20): Requires fletching 41, grants 75 xp.
Maple Staff (tier 30): Requires fletching 56, grants 110 xp.
Yew Staff (tier 40): Requires fletching 71, grants 142 xp.
Magic Staff (tier 50): Requires fletching 86, grants 175 xp.
Elder Staff (tier 60, p2p): Requires fletching 96, grants 200 xp.

All variants up to yew can be bought at 'Zaff's Superior Spellcasting' and up to magic at 'Marvellous Mysticism', 'Magic Guild Store - Runes and Staves' and 'Baba Yaga's Magic Shop'.

Several existing staves will be buffed accordingly in order to prevent redundancies (see above)

1.8 Woodcutting

- Allow free players to cut (evil) magic trees.
- Fix woodcutting acording to page 38.
Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
Quick Fixes: Invention

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2. Shops:

In general shops in free areas should sell basic (+0) equipment up to tier 40, while those in guilds, the wilderness and lower levelled p2p areas will do this up to tier 50. Tools and ammunition can be more generous in some cases, but should of course remain fitting for the place they're sold.

- Restore the prices of metal equipment to their pre mining/smithing rework values
- All shops now also sell off-hand items fitting to sold main-hand items
- Items are sold in following amounts:
* T1-30 equipment: 10
* T40 equipment: 5
* T50 equipment: 2
* T60 equipment: 1
Existing exceptions (e.g. for dragon items) shouldn't be touched by this and also be possible in the future.
*Ammo: Bronze & Iron: 1000, Steel & Mithril: 500, Adamant & Higher: 100
*Free Samples, Runes or stores with special mechanics and/or higher values won't be touched by this. Furthermore those changes won't touch non-standard equipment.

Non-specialized stores (e.g. gnome shopkeeper) and secondary assortments (e.g. weapons in a general store) can be both lower in quantity and quality.

Allow all stores to sell items noted with a fee of 100 gp + 20 % of the original value per unit with a toggle. Free samples can't be noted.

2.1 Melee:

- Bandit Duty Free now also sells rune +3 battleaxes, scimitars and 2h swords at 80 % of the usual store price.
- Claws up to Rune are now sold at Martin Thwait's Lost and Found (p2p)
- The Warrior's Guild Armoury now sells equipment up to rune

2.2 Ranged:

- All three Crossbow Shops now have separate stocks
- Knives up to Dragon are now sold at Martin Thwait's Lost and Found (p2p)
- After completing 'The Tourist Trap' players can now purchase darts up to dragon at a new vendor in the Bedabin Camp (p2p)
- The vendors in the Ranging Guild now sell Ammunition up to Dragon and armour up to Blue Dragon. (p2p)
Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
Quick Fixes: Invention

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- Archery Tickets can now be exchanged for the following (p2p) (Refine the interface used for exchange):
*Red Dragon Armour (1000 Tickets - Full Set)
*Black Dragon Armour (3000 Tickets - Full Set)
*Royal Dragon Armour (5000 Tickets - Full Set)
*Skirmisher Armour (4000 Tickets - random missing piece, lost items are still replaced with diango)
*Bronze to Dragon Reprisers (n*50^2 Tickets + previous repriser, with n = 1 for bronze and +1 for each rank)
*Rune Arrows, Bolts or Javelins (100 Tickets - 10 units of ammunition)
*Dragon Arrows or Javelins (500 Tickets - 10 units of ammunition)
*Barb bolttips (100 Tickets - 30)
Barbed bolts are now used as general purpose t60 ammunition. They can't be gem-tipped. The crafting level required could be adjusted slightly.
*Ruby bolttips (200 Tickets - 30)
*Diamond bolttips (500 Tickets - 30)
*Dragon bolttips (1500 Tickets - 30)
*Onyx bolttips (10000 Tickets - 30)
*Ranged XP (1,10,100,1000 Tickets - XP awarded scale with level and amount of tickets turned in at once)

Players will need to collect new tickets for this, which are virtual and untradeable, but have improved rates to obtain them (especially at higher levels). Legacy tickets are automatically removed and converted to 10 gp each.

2.3 Magic:

Zaff's Superior Spellcasting and Betty's Magic Emporium now sell finished pieces of splitbark armour. The price equates the one of tier 40 armour, increased by the fee required to get the respective items crafted.
Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
Quick Fixes: Invention

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3. Game Mechanic:

- Allow free players to use bonus experience and to trade with Vic whenever he shows up, akin to the buyable variant.
- Convert all remaining item pets to the interface.
- Promotional items with a reclaim cost can now additionally be stored with diango, similiar to lucky items. Items that have to be reclaimed are now indicated with their costs.
- Allow players to remotely access their material storage, metal bank and quest item storage from the bank.
- Except for direct quest and progression rewards, all skilling sets can now also be acquired via thaler.
- Allow portable crafters to be used for smelting ores and casting jewellery.
- Increase the capacity of the f2p friend list to 400 (like p2p)
- Free Players have once again access to Tuska's Back via Wizard Chambers. They can play the Anima Islands D&D, but not access Mazcab and the Desert. They have full access to all rewards except for Tuska's Wrath.
- All WE Abilities are changed to tradeable Ability Tomes (drops included (GWD/cremation)), which can be obtained more than once.
- Free Players can now lift their trade limit upon fulfilling one of the following conditions:
*Having purchased anything for real currency or bonds
*Access to the 5 year veteran cape
*Every 125 total levels and quest points the trade cap doubles until it is fully lifted at 1250
- Extend the TH instant use settings for lamps and stars to item xp sources in the rest of the game. If you don't have the required level to use an item for your favourite skill (or this skill isn't covered by a non-prismatic multiple skill item (e.g. a combat lamp) you'll still get it placed in your inventory
*Add in a new setting for auto turning in multiple skill and prismatic sources to your lowest skill (following the rules of tears of guthix)
Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
Quick Fixes: Invention

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- Extend Item lending to more modern tradeable non-degrading equipment
- Convert outdated warnings (like the sophanem slayer dungeon without feathers) to the doomsayer system
- Remove confirmations for left-click two-way travel options to safe areas (e.g. GE <-> Keldagrim), but keep them for one-way travels and dangerous two-way travels on a toggleable basis
- Add toggles to warnings that can be disabled permanently (like the wilderness lever)
- Allow f2p to trade and equip more p2p only obtainable cosmetic items including canifis boots and robes.
- Allow free players to convert p2p only proteans into f2p variants, but not vice versa.
- The chaos elemental now is affected by tier 1 luck, down from 2
- The following changes are applied to bark and fine cloth:
*Zaff's Superior Spellcasting now sells finished pieces of armour instead of raw materials
*Trading mole skins and claws rarely award bark in addition to the nest, noses uncommonly
*The King Black Dragon can now also drop fine cloth
*The Chaos Elemental can now also drop both items
*Hollow trees now grant bark much more commonly and chests in the shade catacombs now always drop cloth alongside a secondary reward.
*Shades and Catablepons can now rarely drop fine cloth
*Moss giants can now rarely drop bark
*The tier 1 luck drop table can now award both items
- Allow free players to use overrides earned by p2p content.
- Allow free players to gain access to gold/silver storage in the ore box upon reaching 99 mining and the furnace upon reaching 99 smithing.

4. Stuff to be considered - Experimental Corner:

I am not too sure how to implement the following entries (as they could need more developing time as the aforementioned quick fixes), but they still should be done due to balancing issues:

- Introduce a t55 crossbow, shield and power body as ranged equivalents to gud raider armour.
- Introduce a t55 magic wand, shield and power body as magic equivalents to gud raider armour.
Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
Quick Fixes: Invention

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- Introduce corrupt demon slayer, lunar and elder items as ranged and magic tier 60 degrade to dust
- Introduce a cape (Champion's Cape) with 10 armour and 3 Bonus to all styles, which can be purchased at the Champion's guild following the Dragon Slayer quest. The cape also includes a teleport to the Champion's guild and is intended to be comparable to the veteran capes as the penultimate cape in f2p.
- Introduce a tradeable cape with 12 Armour and 8 Bonus to all styles using the Brassican cloak style to the Cabbage Facepunch Bonaza. The cape is intended to be comparable to the t40 Starfury Cape as the best in slot cape in f2p.
- Free players should be able to obtain Warpriest Armour on free worlds again

5. Conclusion:

Feedback is generally appreciated and hopefully you like my suggestion. If I have forgotten something please notice me.

If those points make it in the game, f2p really should be a whole game.

6. Change log:

29/12/15 v1
29/02/16 Free to Play Extravaganza released!
26/03/16 Opened up v2
26/09/16 Currency pouch is implemented
26/06/17 Restocking for shops has been improved, Old skilling outfits are now stored with diango
03/07/17 The anti-poison totem can now be equipped in the pocket slot
10/07/17 Tier 75 warpriest armour is no longer available in f2p
07/08/17 Batwing and Carapace are now available to free players for crafting, Batwing has its crafting levels required fixed
14/08/17 Several improvements have been released
21/08/17 Free players can now smith studs and craft studded leather armour
09/10/17 Tons of improvements have been released
04/12/17 Many further improvements have been released
03/04/18 Task set overrides have been released
07/01/19 Mining/Smithing rework has been released
11/02/19 Churning is now available to free players
11/03/19 Free players can now churn cheese
30/09/19 Bank space extension was released
Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
Quick Fixes: Invention

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