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Mels 1st Max
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Mels 1st Max

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Hi I have 4 accounts 2 normal accs 1 ironman mode and 1 hardcore mode .
I am in to clans 1 for main account 1 for me iron account.
I here lots people in my cc and in general chat about the fun of portable banks being really useful in certain areas of the game .
portable bank would be good for like if I went to gwd1 to kill anversie I could take this bank with me instead of me leaving all my goodies on the floor. that's 1 example also be good for the hoarders of the game and good for skillers as some place you skill is no where near a bank
I think invention skill we should be able to make one or in the smith skill .
I no you might think might be good for main accounts but not sure on iron accounts but we can make magic paper with invention skill so think portable bank would be really good .
be good for ppl who wont to go bossing and also wont drops but cant as have invention full food mainly as need to kill main boss as not as good as others so leaves there goodies on floor which if is main account could sell in g,e
iron accounts could sell in shops or use the materials they have

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